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The Kiwi Farms Thread was a thread made by KiwiFarms users, first to make fun of the subreddit, but afterwards they would discover the official r/dogelore server.

Dogelore - 2019[edit | edit source]

r/dogelore is what happens when you take a meme as innocuous as it is popular, and combine it with Reddit, a website whose userbase is too morally righteous to ever have fun on the Internet. This subreddit is plagued with infighting and controversy over stupid political crap, and because the moderators see more value in grandstanding rather than maintaining a healthy community, there is a shitshow at least once every month. ~ Diabeetus

On March 13, 2019, Kiwi Farms user Diabeetus posted a thread in the Community Watch section of the Lolcow Farms forum titled "r/dogelore - Meme cargo cult and freak show Discord server full of sensitive trannies who hate PewDiePie". It was first reserved to make fun of the r/dogelore subreddit. The Kiwi Farms users did not initially know about the Discord server. But after they discovered the server, things would escalate in the community. As it saw massive amounts of alts storm the server and make fun of it's users.

Kirbizia trying to fight off the Kiwi Farmers.

Kiwi Farms finds out about the server.[edit | edit source]

After the Kiwi Farms forum users found out about the Discord server, they discovered many foolish and bizarre members of the irony community, many of them supposedly being called "lolcows" by the trolls. Lolcow, a portmanteau of the acronym LOL and cow, is a derogatory slang term used to describe an individual who is deemed highly exploitable and therefore susceptible to trolling and flaming due to their display of gullible behavior online. The Kiwi Farms trolls kept screenshotting messages and reposting them back to the forum, this brought much controversy and it is perhaps when the forum post reached insane levels of engagements, all of this led to a temporary closure of the dogelore discord, a first of it's kind.[1]

Kiwi Farms finds out about Kirbizia.[edit | edit source]

About a day after the users of the server discovered the r/dogelore discord server they started finding out about it's creator and their strange behavior, including cum covered anime figurines, shit pics, thigh pics and more.

They revealed tons of private information surrounding Kirbizia, and continued to trashtalking the server further until they got somewhat bored of it, many users from the irony community appeared to explain some things to the users of the Farms such as LunarShadows, Doctor Penez, and Onyx. Eventually the thread saw a temporary death until a certain Reddit user would appear out of nowhere on the now infamous subreddit r/altdogelore. Originally supposed to be for lower quality dogelore posts, this user turned it into a pile of racist, homophobic and transphobic posts.[2]

AltDogelore - 2020[edit | edit source]

With the KiwiFarms forum post somewhat dying down not everything was lost, as in 2020 there was a slight revival. This revival was related to a controversy that was going on in a sister subreddit of /r/dogelore called /r/altdogelore.

The subreddit was reserved for more racy and risque user edits, eventually the prime subreddit stopped advertising /r/altdogelore and cut all ties with its moderation leaving the AltDogelore loyalists on their own,

this slight revival was related to one user called u/PlazMatter, whom many of the KiwiFarms users supported, this user was eventually banned by Reddit for posting racist, transphobic and xenophobic doge memes on the subreddit.

Many users, especially the normal AltDogelore users were not supportive of PlazMatter and they feared that he could be the reason of the subreddit's deletion, as r/altdogelore was already mentioned in a post once on the /r/AgainstHateSubreddits subreddit which is notorious for getting subreddits banned which are not advertiser friendly and squeaky clean,[3] and thanks to PlazMatter /r/altdogelore was certainly not like that.

Eventual Death[edit | edit source]

Eventually the thread was fully dead as the AltDogelore fiasco of 2020 ended, sometimes someone will post a necropost but nowadays it is just a somewhat forgotten memory of the older users of the discord server, and with Kiwi Farms cornered into the dark web this issue became even more forgotten. Furthermore, the r/altdogelore subreddit was banned on April 25, 2023 due to "violating Reddit's rule against promoting hate."

References[edit | edit source]