The HHH Drama

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The HHH Drama was the result of a pedophilia accusation aimed at the then owner of dogelore, hhh.

Doctor Penez's Livestream, Hhh Drama Begins.[edit | edit source]

On the 14th of July 2020, a well known member of the irony hemisphere, Doctor Penez, started a livestream in which he would expose pedophiles. Many of the dogelore staff watched the livestream, thanks to hhh appearing.

Onyx accused them of being an actual pedophile, as it had been shown that hhh had sent dick pics in a random discord group chat.

Before anyone knew what was happening, mass reports ensued from the horde of Doctor Penez's fanboys. hhh as well as many of the dogelore staff team had their accounts mass reported and banned.[1]

hhh went into hiding and the moderation team tried explaining the situation from their perspective. Eventually, on the 19th of August 2020, ownership would be transferred to Dogevore after a couple of days while waiting for discord's response.[2]

hhh would attempt at trying to contact dogelore users about their sudden ban with a message.[3] It is somewhat unconfirmed if hhh truly was a pedophile. Some do not fully believe this theory as it has never been definitively proven.

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