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Staff Roles[edit | edit source]

I was just following orders - This role is given to EX staff members of the dogelore discord

le doge mode 🐕 - This role is given to every single current dogelore staff member.

le subreddit doge mode ⬆️ - This role is given to every single current /r/DogeLore subreddit moderator

admin - Administrative permission role.

Activity Roles[edit | edit source]

Poop Doge 💬 - Requires 200 thousand bot xp, this role also doesn't do much.

Mythical Doge 💬 - Requires 100 thousand bot xp, doesn't do much besides giving a user a blue coloured role.

Famous Doge 💬 - Requires 50 thousand bot xp, gives vanity role permissions and the ability to apply as a moderator during applications.

Recognized Doge 💬 - Requires 25 thousand bot xp, before emote suggestions was archived this role gave you permissions to post emote suggestions in the channel.

Active Doge 💬 - Requires 10 thousand bot xp, gives you access to the casual channel.

Regular Doge 💬 - Requires 5 thousand bot xp, gave you meta-talk talk perms and emote-suggestion voting perms, though with these two channels being archived this role is effectively useless now.

Baby Doge 🍼 - Requires 500 xp, gives image permissions in most channels such as general.

Other[edit | edit source]

Artist Doge - Given to users who actively post their artwork in the creative channel.

Gamer Girl - Given to E-girls of Dogelore.

Cool Doge - Given to users who post their pets in #cuteposting.

Original Dogester - Given to users who were in the first dogelore discord server founded in 2018.

shit idiot brain fungus - Given to the user who was voted as the best user of dogelore during a best user poll.

natsuki - Given for winning the natsuki drawing contest that was hosted in late 2019, The current holder of this role is Penguin.

thamks - Given to users that won a server competition or did something for a staff member.

dogetective - Given to users who solved the dogelore ARG hosted two years ago.

Awesome Event Winner - Given to users that won an event, do not mistake with thamks role.

Bluege with a bloge - Given as a personal vanity to the user sloog for being voted as the favorite user of dogelore, as of now they left the server.

oiseaux - Oiseaux's special vanity.

Troiiface Gaming - Mets's special vanity, grants access to the special #trollface-gaming channel.

le cate mode - Grants anouncement channel permissions, given by moderators to a single user at a time, whenever they're a personal friend or someone who did a certain task for that moderator.

Dogecraft host - Given to administrators of the official /r/DogeLore minecraft server, Dogecraft.

Keepers of the Funny - Assigned to users for the sole purpose of moderating the starboard channel. Now discontinued.

Punishment Roles[edit | edit source]

Muted - Given to rulebreakers to silence them. Grants temporary access to a muted user channel.

Brainlet - Given to users who break 5 rules in a month or post pornographic content. If someone with this role breaks any rule, they get banned, it is appealable.

i cant make petition :( - Given to those who shitposted too much in the petitions channel, now discontinued with the archivization of the #petitions channel.

banned from casual - Given for engaging in unappropriate things in the casual channel that have a negative impact on the chat.

banned from vc - Given for acting very stupid in the voice chat.

role whore - Given for begging too much for roles. Pingable.

Hungry Games[edit | edit source]

hungry gay host 😋 - Hosts of the game, who setup them, and are allowed to ping the hungry game fan role.

hungry game fan - People who can submit their character, watch the games. And of course get pinged for them.

hungary game official winer 🏆 - People who won the games. Their character was the last one standing in the simulation.

hungry game ofical die first award - Was given to people who had their character die the first in the simulation.

christmas game winrar 🎄 - Given to the person who won the special christmas games

hungry killer - Given to people who had their character have 9 or more kills during the games.

Deleted[edit | edit source]

le baby doge mode - This was a trial mod role that was eventually deleted during the early days of the second dogelore server.

LGBTQ+ - This role granted you access to the lgbt chat, unfortunately due to grooming and drama the chat was closed down and the role was also removed.

Strike 1, Strike 2, Strike 3 - If you broke a major rule, you would get a strike. If you got a fourth strike you would be banned from the server.

wiki editor - Given to the editors of the old dogelore wiki on fandom that was later discontinued and abandoned.

unforgettable doge - Given for having 5 pinned posts on dogelore, there was also Popular doge that required 3 and memorable doge that required 1.

wealthy doge , rich doge , moneyed doge - Given for reaching X amount of stars from starboard.

shut the fuck up ralsei - Ralsei's vanity role.

legendary doge , canonical doge , iconic doge - XP roles that were removed, iconic doge was later added back with a changed name as the recognized doge role.

very cringe ultra , retard cringe nermal - Given to "unlikeable" users.

honorary god - Supposedly Kirbizia's vanity.

Honorary God Dogelore would never be the same without your contribution.

Minecraft Server Host Given to the hosts of the dogelore official minecraft server.

dogelover69 100k submission karma on r/dogelore.

VERY funny yellow dog 50k submission karma on r/dogelore.

s u p e r n o v a ! Reach 2500 stars on the starboard.

Deleted Warzone Vanities[edit | edit source]






Unobtainable[edit | edit source]

karma doge - Given for reaching 1 thousand karma off posts in the /r/DogeLore subreddit.

reddit doge - Given for reaching 5 thousand karma off posts in the /r/DogeLore subreddit.

upvote doge -Given for reaching 15 thousand karma off posts in the /r/DogeLore subreddit.