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The Sunday Nuke was a mini nuke attempted by two staff members, Zarney and Woozy due to their general boredom with the server.

The Nuke[edit | edit source]

On the 17th of July 2022, two staff members Zarney111 and Woozy started a mini nuke of Whenthe, turning on the mentionability of the whitename role and falsely banning many known users in the community.

Both users were promptly demoted by The Pastor, though they were not banned as the nuke did not dramatically destroy the server.

The Announcement

Chat Log Leak[edit | edit source]

Around the time of the nuke, a dm log between an unknown 14 year old and The Pastor was leaked and subsequently started being reposted all around the server, in this chat log The Pastor and the unknown 14 year old were discussing the morality of an internet relationship, Pastor being 17 at the time of the conversation taking place.

The Pastor claims that this anonymous user came into their life after a break up when he was at an extremely vulnerable point in their life, with the conversations beign the only thing that came out of the relationship. The opinions are heavily mixed about The Pastor, an unknown user started mass reporting the server until The Pastor would resign and leave the server,

this worked and Pastor resigned from his position. Giving his ownership permissions to Steely afterwards, Pastor was shortly after permanently banned from the server.[1][2]

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