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Steely's avatar, an AI hyperaged image of former U.S. President Ronald Reagan.
User info
Discord tagsteely21
Discord ID509123995489009665
ServersOkBuddyRetard, Thou Art, Whenthe
Also known assteely#6083
Roles Top Top Friend real(ist) NOT owner HAHAHAH HAHAHAHA GOT YOU Admin Mod new steely role 7 The Sun head retard whenthe survivor role restricted competition runner up wae knowers Top Retards impractical jokers weed squad bluename pinkname whitename Staff THE HOLE Giveaways DJ Cinnamon Role
Joined server~December 30, 2018
Thou Art
Roles Thou Archduke The Emote Man STEELY CHANNEL PERMS Jazzpunk Thou Margrave Thou Count Thou Knight Weeaboo retard viewer Giveaways Terraria Team Fortress 2 thou really fucking stupid I made a typo
Joined serverNovember 12, 2020
Roles r/
Joined serverLate 2018
IRL info
ResidenceUnited States
External linksTwitter

Steely is the sixth and current owner of Whenthe, one of the largest irony servers currently active, as well as an admin of Thou Art. He became the owner of Whenthe at the end of July 2022 crisis, after the resignation of The Pastor.

History[edit | edit source]

Early history[edit | edit source]

Steely created his Discord account on November 5, 2018, and soon joined the first server of r/okbuddyretard. He wasn't extremely active there, and even left the server for some period of time.[1][2] After OkBR1 was nuked on December 30, 2018, Steely joined the newly-created OkBR2.[3]

He was weed squad in OkBR2/Whenthe for about 2 years, originally getting the role because he wanted to talk to Howie.[4][5] Then he became a mod, and later became an admin on the server.

Ownership of Whenthe[edit | edit source]

Steely was one of the few staff members to not leave during the July 2022 crisis, leading him to end up with ownership of Whenthe on July 27, 2022 after The Pastor resigned.[6] As the new owner, Steely deleted #general, #casual and #serious in order to avoid the server being banned by Discord.[7][8] Due to the staff shortage, he had to manage much of the server by himself until the situation eventually went back to normal.[9][10]

References[edit | edit source]

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