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A timeline of events which occurred on Awesome Planet.

Timeline[edit | edit source]

2022[edit | edit source]

April 4 - Troll Terminal is created by transam33o, a former mod of OkBuddyRetard 4, due to the server's ongoing crisis. Nisshie, Treyshawn, and Deez.Nutz.Irony.Hoodstatus348 become the first staff members on the server.

April 6 - Polk, an OkBR4 mod at the time, and Truckmonth are given mod.

April 7 - OkBR4 is nuked and deleted, witnessed by many of the server's members and recorded by Ganyusidol. In the meantime, Troll Terminal reaches 100 members.

April 8 - Troll Terminal is renamed to Chungus World.

April 10 - Chungus World is renamed to Chungus Planet.

April 11 - Chungus Planet is renamed to Awesome Planet, which becomes its permanent name going forward. The same day, Awesome Planet reaches 200 members.

April 13 - ZRKZ is given mod. He later leaves at an unknown point after this.

April 20 - Awesome Planet reaches 300 members.

May 7 - Wavy, Zullarious, and a now-deleted user is given mod. Additionally, emo chud holds the first Bongar Games. 42 users participate. Sans Trolling wins the first round, while Zullarious wins the second round.

May 11 - The "now-deleted user" previously mentioned is demoted.

June 11 - The second Bongar Games are held. Like the previous games, 42 users participate. Hammy wins the first round, while Quan wins the second round.

June 29 - Awesome Planet reaches 400 members.

August 11 - Int and royalparty are given mod.

August 27 - The third Bongar Games are held. 50 users participate, the most in The Bongar Games' history. The "Rajshahi Indian Restaurant" team wins both rounds.

September 15 - Awesome Planet reaches 500 members.

Summary of the "r drinks bleach" saga.

October 30 - r tells users of Awesome Planet that he had just drank bleach and was now worried for his life. He had drank a mouthful of bleach in order to "help with his tonsilitis", because "Google said it was safe". 9 hours later, he sends his first picture from the hospital, and would continue posting from there for a few days.

November 1 - r is released from the hospital.

November 25 - Awesome Planet reahces 600 members.

December 10 - The fourth Bongar Games are held. 38 users participate. Wizdumb wins the first round, while .skum wins the second round.

2023[edit | edit source]

February 24 - Truckmonth is promoted to admin, becoming the only admin aside from transam33o.

March 3 - Awesome Planet reaches 700 members.

March 8 - Leonard resigns, then is subsequently banned to "weird groom-like behavior". Trollbuscus, creator of Funny Jungle and former OkBR4 mod, replaces him as mod.

A quick rundown.

March 16 - Due to its growing "sharty culture" presence, three threads regarding Awesome Planet are created on the imageboard, originating on /soy/ before being moved to /raid/ and later /incel/. This prompts a few of its users to join and attempt to cause trouble, but nothing much comes out of it.

c. April 1 - ZRKZ rejoins and is given mod.

May 15 - Awesome Planet users begin destroying OkBR5's builds on, mainly the server's icon.

May 24-26 - In a victory for Awesome Planet, the final pixels of the OkBuddyRetard icon are wiped off of PixelPlanet.

May 29 - royalparty leaves the server, the first of four mods to leave over the following three weeks.

c. June 1 - ZRKZ leaves the server

Early June - The final thread regarding Awesome Planet is slided and deleted due to inactivity.

June 10 - lego2003 leaves the server.

June 14 - Int leaves the server on his main account. However, he retains the mod role on his alt account known as "pacficic".

June 24 - The fifth Bongar Games are held, the first to be held in over six months. Unlike every prior Bongar Games, this one is held by 7cachemoney instead of emo chud. Like the previous games, 38 users participate. The "Penalteam" wins the first round while the "098" team wins the second round.

Early July - Diogo announces an APWF (Awesome Planet Wrestling Federation) event, opening character submissions to the server's users. However, in the end, this would never happen.

July 14 - The is given mod by Truckmonth due to his experience with modding OkBR5.

July 20 - On Awesome Planet, Diogo announces the upcoming creation of a server that will be the successor to Irony Hub, known as The Irony Hub.

July 22 - The Irony Hub is opened. Awesome Planet becomes noticably much less active due to many of its users moving there. Due to The Irony Hub's userbase comprising of mostly Awesome Planet users, some would quickly refer to it as "Awesome Planet 2".

The situation after the nuke.
Awesome Planet's final VC.

August 12 - ZRKZ rejoins the server, and is immediately remodded by Truckmonth. Moments later, rapid @everyone pings began, along with Truckmonth giving Debra mod as well. At 2:43 UTC, Int's alt, pacficic, deletes #general. This pushed Truckmonth into deciding to nuke the entire server, despite supposedly not having intention to prior to #general's deletion. Every channel, every sticker, and several emojis were deleted along with over 300 members being banned or leaving within 2 hours of the nuke's beginning. In the meantime, Mr. Electric is given mod after he asked Truckmonth for it, which he managed to keep after the nuke was over.

During the nuke, transam33o was offline. After several hours of no changes or announcement from him, he and the remaining mods decide to try rebuilding the server, though Transam would abandon the server for the rest of the month immediately afterwards, not giving admin to anybody else. Due to the ban wave during the nuke, Polk brings up the idea of unbanning everyone, including those from before the nuke. Its implementation causes infamous users such as Gun Mario, John Edgar Hoover, and Phantho, who specifically would be re-banned 4 days later, to rejoin.

August 15 - Due to every booster except The being banned, the server loses both Level 2 and Level 1. Blaster decides to boost so he can keep using :hesrightyouknow:. Level 2 would also be regained for a short amount of time.

August 20 - Vanity roles are recreated, with the addition of three extra colors (white, light red, and black) which were not present prior to the nuke.

September 12 - This day marks one month since the nuke occurred, and one month since the last time Transam spoke on the server.

September 13 - Level 1 is lost again, with Blaster's Nitro expiring along with Trollbuscus' and Sosa's boost transfers coinciding.