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User info
Discord tagcolgateboxlogo
Discord ID200060538208649226
ServersAwesome Planet (formerly), Funny Jungle (formerly), OkBuddyRetard (formerly)
Also known aslego2003#7204
Awesome Planet
StatusLeft server
Roles Awesome-inator
Joined serverApril 6, 2022
Left serverJune 10, 2023
Funny Jungle
StatusLeft server
Roles regular jungle
Left serverNovember 22, 2021
StatusLeft server
Joined server2020 or earlier
External linksTwitter

lego2003 is a user who was a moderator of OkBuddyRetard 4, Funny Jungle and Awesome Planet.

History[edit | edit source]

Lego is very critical of other users' humor.

Lego2003 created his Discord account on July 5, 2016. He joined OkBuddyRetard sometime in 2020 or earlier, later becoming a part of the server's staff team.

He first joined Awesome Planet on April 6, 2022, two days after its creation.

In early June 2023, during Discord's transition from tagged names to standard usernames, Lego wasn't able to set his name to "lego2003" due to another user claiming it. Thus, his name became "colgateboxlogo", the same as his twitter handle. He left Awesome Planet on June 10, 2023, part of a wave of mod resignations during that month.