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Irony Hub, being a very bureaucratic server, has a large mod team whose head is always up their ass.

This page lists people who have admin or mod roles, or have had it in the past.

Mostly up to date but idc about the ex staff kill yourself[edit | edit source]

Current[edit | edit source]

Admin[edit | edit source]

Avatar User Promoted Notes
Thumper November 17, 2021 Server owner.
Cup!; July 31, 2021 Resigned from owner, still an admin.
Seiya June 12, 2021 Promoted from mod.
Tyingdoughnut4 August 28, 2021 Promoted from moderator because of a community vote.

Mod[edit | edit source]

sprite cranberry
Avatar User Promoted Notes
Afsky November 2nd, 2021 He watches evangelion and

plays league I think

Ciinerk September 22nd, 2021 his cats are okay
Milan November 7th, 2021 nigga got a dm from cup asking

if he wanted it and got it

qorty there was a mod vote you dumb kike

oh I didnt see it I only saw a screenshot

of the dm mb

NeoNeo September 22nd, 2021 Inbred californian changes pfps

hourly so you could take a pic

of ur shit and by pure chance

he'd probably use it in around

a week

Tingy October 21st, 2021 Promoted from Advisor.
Woshingo September 22nd, 2021 Promoted through Mod Apps.
Mets Before time was

a concept

Truly an enigma.

Former[edit | edit source]

Admin[edit | edit source]

Avatar User Demoted Status Notes
Arctic July 23, 2021 Left server Resigned.
Candy November 6, 2020 Left Resigned but was banned later for leaving while contained for posting penis surgery gore :4euro:. Repromoted to mod on July 6, 2021. Left again,

most likely resigned.

Caskain August 29, 2020 (1st time)

September 5, 2021 (2nd time)

Left server,


1st time: Demoted for abuse of power and leaving the server a lot. Repromoted to mod on June 1, 2021 and to admin again on July 31.

2nd time: Resigned. He is the only person to have been promoted to admin twice. Later on he asked Ting to get banned and to put some fake reason,

so now if you search him up in dumbass log you will see he got banned for sending loli, which he has not done. tl;dr banned on request

(Responsible for the big troll. R.I.P IH 2022)

CommieDog January 25, 2021 Left server Resigned.
Dkaih35 June 10, 2020 NULed The creator and original owner of the server. Resigned and left due to harassment; rejoined later and was repromoted to mod on August 17, 2020.
Exc November 17, 2021 Resigned Ok basically idfk what happened. Exc was.. a quick decision maker. There have been around 3 revolutions around his owning of Irony Hub

(which I may add he didnt ask for, Cup gave it to him after Moe deleted general) and he quickly realized he doesn't want to do this, especially after

not even getting asked for permission beforehand. After 9 days of him having owner, he passed it down to Thumper, which he at the time wasn't a part

of the mod team.

Gamer May 30, 2020 NULed One of the original co-owners. Demoted for "not having the right attitude for moderating a server." Banned and NULed for participating in the nuke.
Jafi ? Left server Resigned. Repromoted to mod on January 4, 2021.
Luq August 27, 2021 Left server Resigned.
Moe Lester November 8th, 2021 NULed.. again One of the original co-owners. Resigned, left the server a little bit later due to burnout. Banned and NULed after mod vote. Btw he got mod again

but deleted general so my man got NULed twice

Mythra August 2020 Somewhat active Resigned. Repromoted to mod on June 1, 2021.
Nununoisy December 29, 2020 Left server Demoted to mod for inactivity.
OddBread June 2020 Somewhat active Demoted for inactivity.
Pansmith August 30, 2020 Left server Demoted for inactivity.
Riemann June 2020 NULed Was demoted and banned for causing mini-nuke, then NULed for participating in the nuke.
Soapkiller February 21, 2021 The stunna tapes Left from admin a while ago but got mod again and now doesnt have it again because webhooks have ping perms
Thumper July 6, 2021 Active Current owner of IH.
Vithra January 25, 2021 Left server Resigned.
Werp ? Active Demoted for inactivity.
ZoeyPlague June 28, 2021 Left server Resigned.

Mod[edit | edit source]

Avatar User Demoted Status Notes
123 123 ? Banned Briefly banned for attempted mini-nuke, then unbanned; currently banned for leaving while contained.
Baal ? Inactive Demoted for inactivity. Only got modded for the dogelore partnership lmfaoooooooo.
Blaster July 6, 2021 Left server Was temporarily demoted for harassment and then fully resigned.
Bullets August 31, 2020 Active Resigned/demoted/left idk. Has been NULed and unNULed multiple times.
cabboge June 10, 2020 (1st time)

August 2021 (2nd time)

Left server 1st time: Resigned. Repromoted on June 16, 2021.

2nd time: Resigned.

Cereal April 30, 2021 Advisor Cereal had mod 4 times and he just isnt active but whatever we love cereal
Cereal guy November 17th, 2021 Temp demoted,

later resigned.

Exc has gone mad one day. That day, he declared changes nobody saw coming, bunch of users got banned for 3 hours until he cooled off, and cereal guy was

one of the unfortunate victims. When asked about wanting advisor, he declined.

Charm July 14, 2021 Barely active Resigned eight days after being promoted, making him one of the shortest-lasting mods ever.
Chupa February 19, 2021 Banned Resigned. Banned after a mod vote for constantly causing drama to inflate his ego.
Cmonster October 24, 2020 Active Resigned.
Corncat September 2020 Left Left over Tavvo drama
Cris August 30, 2020 Barely active Demoted for inactivity.
CsBongos February 15, 2021 Left server Resigned.
Dave-Laughing June 20, 2021 Barely active Demoted after a mod vote for inactivity.
deniz nakamura July 4, 2021 Active Resigned.
Diogo April 11, 2021 Active Demoted after a mod vote for multiple reasons. Banned for a string of rule breaks in a short time period, then later NULed for admitting (untruthfully) to being the Gumball CP culprit. Unbanned and active
Dkaih35 August 20, 2020 NULed Was mod under the name Skakid. Banned and NULed for nuking the server.
Ekebis April 20 , 2021 Left server Resigned.
Govern January 25, 2021 Left server Resigned.
Hor ? Banned Resigned. Banned for evading a mute and being a "terrible quality user".
I think crocs

are cool

September, 2021 Somewhat active Had advisor, left, got it back, promoted to mod via September apps, left again. Resigned to advisor or resigned completely. Now drives in and out of the server
Jafi March 4, 2021 Left server Resigned.
Kronik August 30, 2020 Somewhat active Demoted for inactivity.
LoweffortTwink ? Banned Resigned. Banned after a mod vote for being edgy and low quality.
LTC July 2020 NULed (on main ) Demoted for giving a user trial mod without authority to do so. On NUL for constantly alting into the server after her ban.
Lucie September 15, 2021 Left server "Temporarily demoted".
Mario ? Left server Resigned on day 2 (including the day he was promoted) for school, making him the shortest-lasting mod ever.
Mythra August 21, 2021 Somewhat active Resigned.
Naesung April 17, 2021 Left server Resigned.
NeoNeo October 25, 2021 Advisor Demoted for a broad list of things.
Nicoglasses June 20, 2021 Left server Demoted after a mod vote for inactivity.
Nununoisy September 4, 2021 Left server The main bot developer for the server. Resigned and left the entire irony community after being the longest-standing mod, since June 2020.
PettyWrath November 15, 2020 Banned Demoted for abuse of power and gore in another server; her demotion was very controversial. She is a victim of the July 2021 Bozocaust.
Pikeman ? Banned Resigned. Banned for posting a squirrel being flushed down a toilet.
Qorty 1st time: November 28, 2020

2nd time: October 23rd, 2021

3rd time: November 29,


Left Demoted for making the Ironic role pingable.

Demoted AGAIN for causing a mass ping of Gypsy role.

Resigned and left because of herp

Rhaydix Prime December 23, 2020 Barely active Demoted due to "an admin vote". She wasn't given a warning and no further elaboration was provided. Kinda sus :amongusiftheywere:.
Systroph ? NULed Banned and NULed for posting vore and having a terrible punishment record including multiple bans, meta bans and contains, and putting the server at risk by orchestrating a mass report.
Taylor August 3, 2021 Left server Resigned.
Tomm ? Inactive Resigned.
Waluweegee ? Inactive Resigned.
Xero August 29, 2021 Advisor Resigned.