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  • Owner drama
Server info
Status Active
Invite linkhttps://discord.gg/quip
OwnerFord F150
Other linksQUIPVILLE - YouTube
FoundedFebruary 25, 2021 (as Dip Nation)

Quipville is a small irony server with a member count of about 140. It was first conceived on February 25th, 2021 as Dip Nation by users DiGiorno and FunniFishe, but was nuked 2 months later by admin HYP3R and user heister. On June 1st, 2021, Quipville was created from the wasteland that was Dip Nation (then called oughe) by valadd and HYP3R after a mass exodus from Spurgatory due to general inactivity, and [deleted]'s foolishness in running the server. The server's mascot is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Current Quipville banner created by Ford F150

Quipville is a server with heavily documented history, with rich lore and many users contributing to the retrieval and archiving of old events from the Spurgatory/Dip Nation days.

Many notable users such as Doctor Penez, Gamer, Cmonster, Myszak, and Josemon have joined throughout its history.

It is inhabited by many users of the OKBR3 and Irony Hub era, many of which started mass events causing the latter’s eventual collapse.

Quipville’s small, yet strong and consistent user base remains a reliable group in the wake of other servers, such as the FTA, Irony Hub, Funny Jungle, Spurgatory, and more.

Muslim Interactions Weekly[edit | edit source]

Muslim Interactions Weekly (MIW) was a weekly comic run by HYP3R and infamous user Maxwall that ran for 13 volumes before ending. The comics would depict two NFT sharks, one of which was a muslim, having brief conversations. The format would be as follows: [MUSLIM INTERACTIONS WEEKLY VOLUME x] at the top, with the comic in the middle, and a lesson/moral of the story at the bottom. The comics were beloved by the members of Quipville, with volume 4 being one of the most starred messages in the server with a whopping 17 stars as of 5/13/2024. The main channel was accompanied by a side channel dubbed #muslim-interactions-updates where sneak peaks and announcements would be posted. The comics began to slow down towards the end as HYP3R and Maxwall were beginning to run dry on ideas, with an announcement being posted to the updated channel on 3/23/2022, stating that MIW would be taking a break for a while. Unfortunately, MIW would never return as Maxwall would be permanently banned from the server a month after the announcement. MIW would be officially pronounced dead on September 29th, 2022 by HYP3R. Now MIW remains as a cherished memory of Maxwall's time in the server and will be missed dearly by all Quipvillians.


View the MIW Comics here: Muslim Interactions Weekly

The Maxwall Debacle[edit | edit source]

  • The inciting incident

Prior to the following events, Maxwall was an active and mostly well-liked member of Quipville known for playing Gmod and co-hosting Muslim Interactions Weekly with HYP3R. On September 19th, 2022, gun luigi posted a leaked screenshot of dms between Maxwall and another user named brapqueen. The dms showed brapqueen claiming that she and max had been dating and exchanged nudes while she was 13 and max was 16. Max was banned almost immediately after the screenshot was sent following a mod vote and was shunned from Quipville as a result.

Quipville admin Guagh's reaction upon learning of maxwall's wrongdoings
  • The return

On November 14th the same year, after learning that brapqueen was 14, not 13, and after claims were made that Battaro fished nudes from max, HYP3R posted a mod vote to unban maxwall which passed 9:1 (the one downvote being RollingClaymore, who attempted to take on the entire mod team in a stand against max). Drama revolving around the unbanning of Maxwall resulted in HYP3R writing the first set of admin rules in Quipville known as "The Quipstitution", which would go on to become the "Bill of Quips" after Ford F-150 became owner and improved it.

The poll that got max unbanned
  • The second ban attempt

On March 3rd, 2023, Chika would make a mod vote to reban Maxwall with no reason given which failed with a 0:7 vote after HYP3R and Ford F-150 totally owned his ass in the discussion thread.

Chika's failed attempt to ban max a second time
  • The NUL

On April 25th, 2023, HYP3R would post another maxwall ban poll followed by a 35 page document that logged numerous accounts of maxwall grooming and manipulating people, threatening self-harm, asking for nudes, and more. The poll passed unanimously after just 2 and a half hours and Maxwall was banned and added to the never unban list.

The ban message

The [deleted] Drama[edit | edit source]

Though user [deleted] had eventually been "rewelcomed" into the server for quite some time, he never made any appearances in text or call, likely due to negative reception/real life circumstances that prevented him from being able to really use Discord. However, sometime in late October 2023 he began to regularly make appearances within the server more often. Due to his behavior within the server, he eventually was banned in a mod vote. However, he had been unbanned shortly afterwards, and still remains in the server, albeit with little to no activity.

Start of drama[edit | edit source]

When he began making appearances within the server in late October 2023, he quickly gained notoriety for his behavior, which included a passive aggressive tone and an overall sense of aggression. However, it wasn't until admins Digiorno and Gun Luigi brought up his rude behavior that the other members began to speak about it. In call, [deleted] would regularly reply in vc with "who gives a fuck? Who cares?" responses, and also would send very unbased unkek furry memes that most of the userbase found cringe.

Ban and eventual unban[edit | edit source]

On November 7th, 2023, user [deleted] was banned from Quipville for questionable behavior and low quality. However, owner FordF150 and other admins questioned this action as they saw it broke the Bill of Quips. Though the admins argued, user HYP3R found a loophole in the bill, meaning [deleted] would remain banned. However, despite this, a poll would be made to unban him as it would split up vcs on November 15th, 2023.

Aftermath and current activity status[edit | edit source]

While [deleted] joined back, he was still disliked by a majority of the userbase. In one incident, user HYP3R forbid [deleted] from joining Garticphone, citing his unfunniness. HYP3R then went into his dms and made fun of how he wasn't allowed in, and how much fun they were having without him. When the other admins found out about it, he eventually apologized for his behavior.

On January 18th, 2024, [deleted] sent what would now be his last message (as of May 14th, 2024) in a private channel, saying he would be taking a break from discord, citing too much time online not being good for him. Since this message, he has mostly been inactive in Quipville, and likely many other servers.

Quipville Minecraft Servers[edit | edit source]

Quipville has had three minecraft servers so far, two survival servers and one creative server.

Server 1: quipville.apexmc.co[edit | edit source]

The first server hosted on Quipville was a vanilla+ survival server owned by Ford F-150 which opened up on 02/28/2022 and was active for a month.

Notable builds on the server include:

  • Tavvo's Thug Church
  • Fishe's Ranch
  • The Obelisk
  • HYP3R's Epic Mountain Base
  • HYP3R's Hibachi
  • Mother Base
  • HYP3R/Maxwall Mountain
  • Valadd Island

Server 2: quipshaker.apexmc.co[edit | edit source]

The second server was a modded survival server owned by Pastaplayer which opened up on 7/16/2023 and was active for a month. This server used many mods including Create and LittleFrames.

Notable builds on the server include:

  • The Breeding Tunnel
  • The Vault
  • Black Mesa
  • Valadd's Cool Base

Server 3: quip_create.apexmc.co[edit | edit source]

The third server was a modded creative server owned by Ford F-150 which opened up on 1/28/2024 and was active for a month. The server used similar mods to server 2.

Notable builds on the server include:

  • The Loontre Dame
  • 2fort
  • Evil Guitar Center/The Device
  • 2fort McDonalds
  • Geometry Dash Normal Face
  • Fort Bodysnatch
  • The Freaky Fortress/Pits of Tartarus
  • Isaac Moriah
  • Big Ass Mountain
  • The Observatory
  • The Spire of Nature
  • RDR2 House/valadd's House
  • Pastaplayer's Fortress
  • Patrick's House
  • Jeebs's Superheroes
  • The Gaza Strip
  • HYP3R's Igloo
  • The Fun Shack

HYP3R Comics[edit | edit source]

In March of 2022, shortly after the announcement that MIW would be taking a break, to fill the void of funny comics, HYP3R (and for a few volumes, Maxwall as well) would start a new series creatively dubbed "HYP3R Comics". The first 5 volumes consisted of crude MS Paint drawings involving stick figures doing somewhat normal things and ending in some excessively violent twist. From volume 6 onward, HYP3R would migrate to Paint 3D and adapt a more refined art style and veer away from the gruesome violence seen in the early volumes (for a while at least). The comics typically revolve around a bizarre and often nonsensical (and violent) turn of events that create humor through unexpectedness. While not as iconic as MIW, the HYP3R Comics are still well liked and often receive sizable praise from the other users. While the series is not technically over as HYP3R has yet to announce its commencement, as of 5/13/2024 there has not been a new comic published in over 5 months.

Quipville Timeline[edit | edit source]

This section is not yet complete. However, here is a simplified version of its history in an excel sheet created by admin HYP3R:

● Dip Nation Creation: 2/25/2021

On February 25th, 2021, Dip Nation was created after Spurgatory users found a subgenre of old Facebook memes all relating to Dip (chewing tobacco). However, after a week, the server became inactive, and was eventually nuked on April 16th later that year.

● Spurgatory Mass Exodus and Revival of Dip Nation: 6/1/2021

On June 1st, 2021, an incident occurred in which active user Gun Luigi posted an image of two animal crossing characters (both being the human villagers) in a sexual situation with the caption "Benz and HYP3R" (both referring to Mercedes-Benz ML350, an admin of Spurgatory, and HYP3R, an active member of that server). He was shortly banned by user Memix (an admin) after concluding that both characters could have been underage. After this (and all of the dumb actions owner [deleted] did, such as archiving #jeff-discussions, enforcing rules majorly in a small server, and other things) made the entire active userbase move over to the remains of Dip Nation. User Digiorno created Dip Nation and was owner for roughly a year and a half.

Creation of Quipville Youtube Channel: 8/2/2021

On August 2nd, 2021, user FunniFishe (?) created the Quipville youtube channel [1] ,which today has 209 subscribers and having their most viewed video at 14,000 views.

● Benz Mass Invite: 8/16/2021

On August 16th, 2021, Admin Mercedes-Benz ML350 invited everyone (or close to everyone) on his DM/Friend list, increasing the member count to roughly around what it is today.

● General Archival System added: 9/5/2021

on September 5th, 2021, admin HYP3R adds the addition of a general archival system, in which when the channels reach its max pin limit, it is locked and put under the General Archive category. This would later be a problem for the admins.

● Mod Permission Debate: 10/14/2021

On October 14th, 2021, the Quipville admin team decided it was best for anyone who had been active for a relatively long time (and was friends of people within the admin group) to give them mod.

The "Pedophile Haven" Incident: Sometime mid-April 2022

Sometime in mid-April 2022, user Pikeman went into Quipville VC screaming that the server was a quote "Pedophile Haven", and subsequently left a few minutes thereafter. At first, the users in the VC merely thought he was joking, however when he mentioned people such as Systroph were in the server, they found out he was in fact NOT joking.

Unbeknownst to the moderation team at the time, Systroph was, in fact, a groomer, and whether or not Pikeman's actions were right or not is still unclear.

The Great Pin Bot Debate: 07/06/22

On July 6th, 2022, admin Guagh added a bot that acted as a replacement for archiving generals so that funny images or messages would always be "pinned". However, the bot was more or less a glorified starboard bot, and the problem with there going to be "too many archived generals" were not seen as a problem by half of the admin team. Guagh later (reluctantly) removed the bot from the server.

Quipville's most powerful warrior...

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