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get fucked losers, and raided and banned. I win.

Coqui, after he successfully raided irony hub.

Cygnotto, more commonly known by his server nickname Coqui, was an Irony Hub member known for his extremely unusual behavior. Although usually seeming friendly, he often exhibited awfully horny tendencies, such as acting weird in some users’ DMs and notably drawing furry porn.

One incident that happened a while ago is when he posted a screenshot of himself giving a Wholesome award to a post on r/SuicideWatch. After Roomba called him out for this disgusting behavior, he petitioned to ban him. This vote failed, and Coqui remained. There are several instances in which he could have been banned, such as when he pointed a gun at his own cat in VC. As I said, he was a very odd person. Although he stopped drawing furry porn and became less weird in the weeks approaching his ban, he still acted quite horny often.

Coqui was eventually banned for telling people to raid a server and dox someone in it, as well as the things previously mentioned. Afterwards, he posted the quote mentioned above and subsequently left. The mods then re-evaluated the situation and NULed him.

Bonus fact: As a host of Irony News, he "accidentally" pinged everyone in the server and got contained a few days before his ban. Perhaps this contributed to it? Who knows.

secretironywikieditor comment: ok but bro the pfp listed for him is kinda rad tho

comment from meen: harassed the shit outta me for my pfp, wouldn't stop lmao

Comment from coqui: WHO WON NOW BITCHES (also the cat was not mine)