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User info
Discord tagAbraham#9713
Discord ID646700284495527966
Irony Hub
RolesTrollsome, meta banned
IRL info
ResidenceLos Angeles, California, United States
Gamingleague of legends gaming
External linksFollow Twitter @AbruhamLoL

Abraham, undebately one of the most circlejerked users on dogelore, whenthe aswell as ironyhub. very known too! he surrounds himself with his lovely circlejerks and self memes of his persona, a doge with a teemo hat. There are a ton of gifs that reference him, Abraham has been present in other servers such as Irony Hub aswell as Whenthe.

He's also the person with the highest ban count in dogelore, even surpassing LTC people have grown to hate or love his personality.

after general 9 was archived abraham stopped being active, though he had a slight reappearance during the general 11 era on dogelore. he also had his own role on dogelore. the lol role.

One Of Many Abraham's Circlejerk Gifs.