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  • 16th of March 2023 - Awesome Planet has had three threads made of it on the popular Soyjak Party Forums. Some raiders happen, similar to the Kiwifarms Dogelore raid.
  • 07th of March 2023 - The Whenthe staff member Hor hor#0767 (859902413644627980) Is demoted from staff for deciding to bring a few of his friends into the server to harass another user in what was essentially a raid, which was completely unacceptable. As such he is no longer a mod in the server.
  • 24th of February 2023 - The Whenthe staff member Afsky Afsky#0333 (925529584286441492) is permanently banned for "heavy association with group of pedophiles, racists, transphobes that were already banned in other servers such as Irony Hub. Requested to join a "goon sesh" where a couple of these users sat in a vc and streamed and posted "Loli Porn"
  • 22nd of February 2023 - Dogelore celebrates it's 4th anniversary, the #birthday-chat is opened to everyone.
  • 21nd of February 2023 - Irony Rumble is rehosted again, celebrating it's second season, with Seiya and Hor as the main hosts of the event in Whenthe.
  • 15th of February 2023 - Dogelore loses it's ownership over the gg/sus URL, instead letting a scam server take it, the URL of Dogelore is now gg/cheems
  • 28th of January 2023 - The ICU also celebrates it's 4th anniversary, with it being their first full year of being an independent server, they hope for a bright new future!