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The first artwork of SillyChan, drawn by Lucie.
Salem's SillyChan

The Silly-Chan Circlejerk was a circlejerk originating from the server of Irony Hub. Silly Chan is a female and anthropomorphic variation of the second Irony Hub mascot, Sillytime.

History[edit | edit source]

The original artwork was drawn by the user Lucie on a livestream in a voice channel in IronyHub, the OC had quickly spread to many other irony servers, especially in Whenthe. Many users would begin to get tired of this circlejerk quite quickly though, as it's nature was somewhat sexual, SillyChan would also begin a relatively small trend of making OCs related to irony server circlejerks / emotes. One of those being IntjChan. Though recently it has somewhat died down, and paired with the ban of all Silly-Chan related content on Whenthe this trend was forgotten by most. A user by the name of Myszak would create a less sexualized version of SillyChan, though it not as quite popular as it's predecesor.

Infamy[edit | edit source]

"IntjChan", As Drawn by Blubfish.
Myszak's SillyChan

As stated before, SillyChan would be posted with high frequency in servers such as Ironyhub and Whenthe. This made many tired of this circlejerk, and during early November of 2021 Whenthe banned its users from posting it. Soon, the circlejerk would begin to move into obscurity ... Several artworks involving SillyChan in sexualized positions (including pornography) can be found on (although most of it more closely resembles Sillytime).