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User info
Discord tagqrtrqrtrqrtrqrtr#5550
Discord ID315213558193455106
ServersWhenthe (formerly), Dogelore (formerly)
Roles Mod Spare Change Top Retards ex-mod
Joined serverApril 20, 2021
Left serverJune 1, 2023
Roles le doge mode 🐕 Poop Doge 💬
Joined serverMarch 23, 2020
Left serverOctober 22, 2021
IRL info
ResidenceUnited States
External linksTwitter

qrtrx4, also known as qrtrqrtrqrtrqrtr, Maryeo, or in rare cases, DJ AAAAAAAAAAAAA (abbreviated to DJ13A), is a former staff member of Dogelore and a moderator of Whenthe. He first joined Dogelore in March 2020, accrued moderator in 2021, and left in October of that same year, citing rising tensions in the server and migrating to Whenthe. There, he would attain moderator again in January 2022, before stepping down due to real life concerns and qualms about the server's stricter moderation compared to Dogelore. However, following the Sunday Nuke, he re-applied for moderator, and rejoined the staff team in September, where he would moderate before leaving the server and disabling his account June 1, 2023, citing clutter and wanting a fresh start among many other things. His last statement before he left and disabled can be found here.