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User info
Discord tagoctane!#8467
Discord ID618334233320095744
ServersOkBuddyRetard Irony Circus
StatusServer deleted
Roles retard
Joined serverMid-2020
IRL info
Age21-22 †

Octane! was an active user of the fourth OkBuddyRetard server. He passed away on November 9, 2020, due to complications from a spinal surgery. He was one of the people to come the server called freshnuts. Along with gaming.com and anthrax, and trollbuscus. Octane usually sat in vc with the vc squad fetty, trollbuscus, gaming.com, Billy apicella,and 123. Rest in peace brotha

Octane's Passing[edit | edit source]

Octane would join OkBR, his first Irony Server around mid-2020, thus around the time of OkBR4's existence. He would be a very beloved user, who would be very active within the server's VC channels. Not much of Octane's messages have been archived or saved, due to OkBR4's nuke in 2022, leaving only a few of his messages to remain within Dogelore.

Octane had a health issue that necessitated that he get surgery to straighten his spine. While he was recovering on his own in the days following the surgery, a complication suddenly arose that prevented his body from getting enough oxygen, which he was unfortunately unable to recover from. Octane's death would be a huge shock to the community, especially to OkBR4 members. Many users of the community would set their profile picture to the one of Octane's in support.

Around almost all Irony Servers, announcements would be made about Octane's passing, and to not joke about his death, (some people had the audacity to actually do this), especially in IronyHub. Where all of the jokes finally led to all talk about Octane becoming unallowed.

One of the Announcements Relating to Octane's Death[edit | edit source]

Any Joke about Octane will result in an immediate ban. If you are unaware of the situation, he is a user in okbr who passed away from a situation in his spinal surgery. Another note. Keep all discussion about octane in #general, general is a fucking ruthless place and eventually heartless assholes will make

Announcement in OkBR4 (?) relating to Octane's death.

Editor Comment[edit | edit source]

Octane was the only confirmed user who has actually died on an irony server. He would pass away at a very young age of around 22 years old, and it is a true tragedy to I, as well as everyone involved within the community send my deepest condolences to his family even if this had already happened three years ago. Fly high, Octane.

(1998-2020) [*]