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Status Defunct
Game versionJava Version 1.16.4
EstablishedJanuary 23, 2021
DefunctJune 11, 2021
LinksDiscord server

BuddyCraft, also known as OkBuddyCraft 4 or simply OkBC4, was one of the official Minecraft servers of r/okbuddyretard, born from its fourth Discord server. The server was first launched on January 23, 2021, lasting a few months before being shut down and replaced with WOID in July of that year.

Rules[edit | edit source]

The rules of the server were as follows, per GrantVsZombies' Reddit post:

  1. Don't be a dick. Yes, it goes without saying, but it must be said regardless. Don't be an ass to people around you. Don't earnestly insult people in chat, don't start off-topic arguments, don't excessively annoy people if they ask you to stop. I think you can probably fill in most of the blanks here. Just be nice and be a good sport about everything. It is Minecraft.
  2. Don't grief people's stuff. Another staple rule. Don't mine, blow up, burn or otherwise dismantle or alter someone's property in any major way without their permission. We have anti-griefing plugins which allow us to both see who griefed what and roll the damage back, so you may as well not even bother. Note that griefing is a separate action from destroying enemy property during wartime, but that should be made obvious by plugins.
  3. No hacking. Seriously. X-rays, flying, invincibility, whatever. None of them are allowed in any form. Hacking disrupts the natural flow of the game and makes it less fun for everyone. Regardless of what hack it is, don't use it.
  4. Keep a good sense of humor. Remember, this is just a game, and it's only a server for OKBuddyRetard, of all places. Don't be a humorless bastard. Feel free to get invested, but remember you should be able to laugh off anything bad that happens to you in game. Have a good time.
  5. No lag machines or any other devices/methods to harm the server. Yes, I know you might find it funny to do stuff like this, but it's a huge pain in the ass for us. We have plugins that allow us to instantly find this stuff if you do it. Don't bother. We will blow it up and you will be banned.

History[edit | edit source]

Server Pre-History[edit | edit source]
An official trailer for the server, made by Deadbushia and Pureokra1.

Due to significant mental retardation of all present, the server launch was marked by numerous spam posts begging for the server's IP address.[1][2][3][4][5] [6][7]However, moderation did come and confirm the server was running into some issues, but was launching.[8] The server's launch post was made on January 23, 2021 by GrantVsZombies.[9]

Of what information can be confirmed, we know Shittown did in fact launch on Day 1. [10]We know there were numerous errors and bugs in server code, frequently disconnecting players for no reason. [11][12] [13]Some records indicate Shittown was already beginning trade deals at this time. [14] Likely in a rivalry with Shaprio Town, which was also confirmed to be active and trading livestock. [15]

The destruction of the Dragon Egg, moments after the Dragon was killed.

We also can confirm that Cumland came into existence on either Day 1 or 2, and Nihlwi began his PR campaign. [16] We can also confirm the existence of the town dreamsmp. [17]There was also a brief issue of server permissions not crossing dimensions, leading to trolling by killing players in the End and Nether. [18] It was at this time that evidence leaked of the mods destroying the Ender Dragon Egg, after defeating the dragon on the first day. [19]

The Forging of the Floppa Weapons[edit | edit source]

At an unknown time in server pre-history, moderator minerftxplorer05 created the Floppa Weapons. These powerhouse weapons included:

The Right Ear of Floppa
Iron Sword
Fire Aspect 100
Looting 100
Sharpness 255
Unbreaking 255
The Distinctive tuft ear of the funny internat caracal
The Left Ear of Floppa
Power 255
Punch 255
Unbreaking 255
The Distinctive tuft ear of the funny internet caracal
The Righteous Hand of Sogga
Impaling 255
Loyalty 255
Unbreaking 255
the hand of funny zloinkus
Tanzania technology nail gun
Piercing 255
Quick Charge V
Unbreaking 255
super fast shoot urdu bengali funtime weapon

These weapons would be used up to the First Trollage, where they were lost to history. At an unknown time, minerftxplorer05 entrusted these weapons to Sudrex for display at the museum, and to be used in its defense should the need arise. It is unknown what players were obliterated by the might of Floppa.

The First Trollage[edit | edit source]
Two maparts of screenshots of Shittown dated to the First Trollage.

The First Trollage occurred on Jan 24, 2021. It began with the war between CumZone and Shittown, the hometown of xBushia, a server moderator. There was some build up due to fighting over the legendary Pissblock, including posting pre-war propoganda.[20][21] The war began with the publishing of a book titled; The Crimes of Bushia:

Documentation of xBushia's many crimes.

We, the citizens of the glorious Cumzone, hereby accuse shittown's mayor xBushia of heavily abusing his god-given powers of the gamemode.

He repeatedly gave lavish amounts of netherite and other valuables to the shittowners. He's also building a temple right now, using creative. A testament to his hybris!

But even worse than this self-indulgence in illegitimate wealth are his unfair methods of fighting: There's a small dispute going on between shittown and the Cumzone over a stolen block. And being the miscreant he is, Bushia just flew into the Cumbase and stole it back; the defenders having literally no chance to fight back!

So we are addressing everyone willing to listen: Even if you are a citizen of shittown and are gaining from his immoral behavior, or if you are a citizen from another nation, seemingly unconcerned with this, please, all of you - no, all of us - must take a stand against this abuse of power!

So, my brother's, raise your sword and raise your voice! Fight with us for a brughter future! And most importantly: piss, shit and cum

signed ~the leading authorities of the Cumzone

Noticeable are several grammatical errors, as well as references to xBushia as male, not female. The block in question was not anything less than the Pissblock itself, an artifact being hotly disputed, whatever The Crimes may claim, in a repeated game of theft and retaliation. The end result was a chaotic day of mod abuse and player warfare, culminating in the sack of Shittown and the recovery, and eventually loss, of the Pissblock, and the creation of the nation FCS.[22][23] However, after several weeks of ruin, Shittown would rise again as the Shittown Labs.

Several artifacts were recovered from the warfare, including xBushia's armour (the Popbob set), the original Shittown beacon, two blocks of cheated-in bedrock named fred and haed, a trade deal signed by Floppa-Herzigovina and Shittown, and several of xBushia's YOU HAVE 30 SECONDS wither roses.

Post-Trollage and the Bosnia-Pakistan War[edit | edit source]

The server pioneered on. In this era, dating to Jan 25-31, 2021, we can confirm the creation of the Chungus City Church at corrdinates 69, 69, 420, as well as the birth of the Cult of Chungus [24][25]We can also confirm the town biknee botem was already in existence. [26] FCS continued to establish embassies around the major towns of the server, and broke in several of their parliament buildings. [27][28] We know the towns of Islamabad and Neko-Ville also came into existence sometime in this era. [29][30]

For some reason, a moderator decided to kill all the bats, though through user retardation, used the command /kill @e, resulting in the widespread massacre of all entities in loaded chunks.[31] We also know the server's Femboy Hooters location was already made, and threatened with vandalism.[32] A video of this event was recovered on April 15, 2021. [33]

We also know at this time the town of Bosnia began a sharp rise in prominence, and would eventually be one of the largest towns on the server. [34] This was met with propoganda retaliation by Nihlwi and Cumland. [35] However, the war would break out with the town of Pakistan, though that did not stop Bosnia from going on a mass propoganda campaign against the entire server. [36][37][38][39][40][41][42]

It was on Jan 28, 2021 that Sudrex found the End portal the moderators had used on the first day, and went through the End portal. This location would eventually become The OKBC4 Server Museum.[43]

Of note is that players had begun exploring the Shittown ruins, though few noticed the early stages of the Shittown labs.[44][45]

Players from this time will remember the significance of this event. Todd, a member of Cumland, was entrusted by Nihlwi to construct the Cumland wall. Todd did such a horrendous job, truly marvelously horrible, that Nihlwi threatened to kick him. [46] Visiting players concurred what Todd had done was an offense to the eyes, and was never meant to occur in 3-dimensional space-time. Todd would however make up this error by creating plans of the Cumland-Femboy-Hooters Cum-Sewer System. [47]

On Feb 1, 2021, Sudrex launched the public End portal teleport, allowing players to Towny teleport or travel to its coordinates. [48]

An important archival post was made as well at this time. An OKBC4 town tier list, confirming the existence of Biknee Botem, Bosnia, Brazil, The Chungus Ethnostate, the Church of Chungus, Cumland, Cumzone, DreamSMP, Floppa-Herzigovina, Islamabad, Noccia, and Sillytopia. [49] Nihlwi would take this opportunity to immediately begin posting propaganda, as well as trying to leech off the fame of Cumzone for eradicating Shittown. [50][51] He would also continue his targeted harassment of ToddDaOne.[52]

Switching Server Hosts[edit | edit source]

On Jan 31, 2021, GrantVsZombies began the process of switching to a new server host, due to consistent issues with the present provider. [53] It is unknown what exact dates the server went offline for, though Feb 2-18, 2021 can be confirmed as an offline date. [54][55][56][57][58][59][60][61][62] Players began getting extremely frustrated. [63][64]

Grant would provide a proper update on Feb 10, 2021, regarding the state of the server host transfer. [65] He would also provide a re-launch update on Feb 20th, detailing his retarded struggles with the retard server controls.[66] The finalized transfer would occur on Feb 24, 2021. [67][68]

The Nihlwi Saga[edit | edit source]
Nihlwi's Exhibit in the server museum. His skull and sword were donated anonymously, and the cobble was donated by RocksXIII, recovered from the original lavacast Nihlwi made at Cumland.

At this time, about Feb 21, 2021, players began noticing several major griefs around the server. [69][70][71] Nihwli began a petition for assistance, and claimed the attack occurred between approximately 5:30am and 3:00pm (timezone unknown). He claimed to know that it was a resident of Cumland, bigcountryor, found through the assistance of turtle11767, henrydude, and xBushia. [72][73]This event is corroborated by Sudrex. [74]

Nihwli was then accused of griefing Bosnia, and immediately blamed RocksXIII, who would later be banned for this offense.[75] This was later proven to be a lie, however due to harassment, RocksXIII would cave in, declaring his innocence but also his intent to leave the server. [76] However, the griefs continued, leading to increases suspicion among players. [77][78]

At this time, Sudrex posted a listing of all the nations as they were on Feb 23, 2021. [79] Through this document, we can confirm the existence and size of the FCS, the Bosnian Empire, the Kingdom of HumongousChungus, the Noc Dominion, the Pakistan Federation, the Federation of PN69, as well as several others. An archive of this can be found on this page: List Of All Nations As They Now Stand. We can also date the creation of the Limited Edition Floppa Prints to this time, Feb 25, 2021. [80]

As suspicions rose, players began noticing odd behaviors from Nihlwi.[81] Nihlwi would eventually cave and admit to his grief of Bosnia.[82] This still did not sit right with some players, and with assistance, Sudrex created a manifesto against Nihlwi.[83] This manifesto would earn Nihlwi his permaban from the server, and began his attempts to troll the server from the outside.[84] It was at this time the Confession of Joe69 was found, however this document's authenticity is debated to this day.[85][86] Players were quick to turn on Nihlwi given this new evidence, and his name remains dirt to this day. [87]

As told through the record book at the server museum:

Nihlwi was the first major griefer of the server. We had discovered numerous smaller griefs done against Cumland, Bosnia, World Spawn, and many others. We had banned all of them and assumed the matter complete. It was not so. Further analysis showed inconsistencies in Nihlwi's testimony both in the server chat function and in the various subreddit posts he had made. We overlooked these as odd behaviors, but then he was discovered to have griefed Bosnia. Nihlwi immediately began to downplay his crimes. He claimed the griefs were trivial, though an identical grief down to his town sparked a fierce emotional response as the King of Cumland.

This did not sit right with some players, and further analysis showed that he had lied on numerous occasions. Sudrex made a post on the subreddit about his actions, and numerous players came forward to admit further crimes of Nihlwi. Nihlwi had been responsible for nearly all the griefs done on the server. He would ask another player to help him grief the town, then take screenshots of their actions. He used these as leverage against them in order to bend them to his will.

When all of this came to light, Nihwli was banned. But he did not limit his actions to the server anymore. He took to the subreddit and posted pictures of ToddDaOne's actual face he had found on social media. This doxxing earned him a final ban from the subreddit, and since this last blow, he has only come onto the discord to harass players once, and was promptly banned.

ToddDaOne was crowned CumKing, and Nihlwi's home was destroyed. Cumland has recovered, and become one of the most influential towns in server history.

Of note are the fact that exact crimes were not recorded in the museum, nor was any mention made of Todd's coronation ceremony involving the testimony of Joe69, or the celebratory orgy held afterward.[88][89][90] However, Sudrex's post has been found still uploaded to the community subreddit.[91]

Nihwli would attempt to return to cause more havok, but was quickly intercepted by moderators.[92][93][94][95]

Post-Nihlwi Era[edit | edit source]

Several significant server events can be dated to this time, beginning approximately on Feb 25, 2021. We know RocksXIII was reinstated, and founded his own town, Rose Island, and the server's court would be established there. [96][97] We know IntroVirtual adapted the Virgin Grotto villager trading hall to include a massive PvP Tower. [98] We know PootBoot began the town of Kockinkrok. [99] We can also confirm SimplyFwox was in possession of the Ender Dragon Egg at this time. [100]

It was at this time The OKBC4 Server Museum would truly begin, with a post from Sudrex dated to Feb 28, 2021. [101] This would lead to some division among players. [102]

The Second Trollage[edit | edit source]

We do not speak of this.

Third Trollage[edit | edit source]

At some point around this time, xBushia created a bedrock box above the Shittown lavacast encasing the Shittown labs. xBushia placed blocks of netherite and diamond around it, and summoned players to fight for as much of the rare resource as they could. Players utilized Slimefun gadgets and Infernal Mob loot to devastating effect. Once out of rare materials, xBushia placed a shulker full of Popbob's Gift inside the bedrock chamber, with only a single opening to get inside. Players hurled themselves at the entrance, not knowing their only prize would be a troll. After significant loss of life and virignities, the chaos ended, and many players left richer and wiser for the experience.

Post-Trollages[edit | edit source]

In this era, approximately March 2021, a dispute between the hidden town of Noccia and Sillytopia would ensue.[103] It was also at this time a server resource pack was first implemented.[104] xBushia would retard a world edit command and destroy a small section of the space-time continuum outside of Cumland and biknee botem. [105] [106]

At this time, Sudrex would create a server discord, however, due to naming it with OKBC's proper name, had to give ownership directly to server moderation. [107] This discord would later be used for WOID, then abandoned once OKBC5 was implemented into OKBR's primary discord.

Neko-Ville at this time publicly opened, allowing guests to use its villagers and farms. [108] At this time Noccia would also publicly open for players to visit. [109] It was also at this time that Sex: Volume 1 was entrusted to The OKBC4 Server Museum.[110][111] It was also that this time the Parliament building of Floppa-Herzegovina was finished, and used as the FCS primary residence. [112] We know the towns of Gopnik-Gorod, Arabic Town, and DuckTopia also existed at this time. [113] [114] [115]

It was at this time that Nihlwi made a petition to be reinstated. [116][117][118][119][120][121][122] However, this attempt would not be successful.

WeepGate[edit | edit source]

Dating to approximately March 27-29, 2021, WeepGate was the second manifesto of Sudrex, and is widely considered a resounding failure. The actual document is lost (pending a publishable recovery), though the central claim was made that the town of Noccia (known for the use of the WEEP meme) was using its friendship with server admin Seiya to get special treatment and easy punishments. Other claims include allowing the hyperloop owners, Sotarnicus and dziadek_max, to charge taxes on shop use, the possible removal of the Towny plugin, possible pre-selected favorites for moderation positions, and other abuses of players and privileges. The central argument of this essay was hotly debated (and much of the discord chat logs are totally lost), and much of it would be dis proven or had direct solutions. [123] A major positive benefit of this schizophrenic episode was that the hyperloop shopping mall was open for all players to set up shops for free, [124][125] which led to the creation of the Church of Garf. [126]

The Server Reset, and End of OKBC4[edit | edit source]

On April 14, 2021, Minecraft update 1.17 was announced, bringing with it significant changes to world generation, warranting a possible world reset. After some debate, it was decided the server would be reset to take advantage of this new update. However, once it was confirmed the server would be reset, player counts dried up, and despite attempts from veterans to keep the peace, eventually OKBC4 would wither away. [127][128][129]

Sarcc777 would use this downtime to create a now defunct website for OKBC4, buddycraft.rip . [130][131][132]

It was during this time Sudrex visited the Minecraft Server of r/dogelore, establishing peaceful relations and putting administrator Ken4lyfe in contact with Seiya.[133][134] What originally was planned as a temporary joint-server event, would eventually expand and become WOID.

The Server Museum and r/okbuddycraft[edit | edit source]

The OKBC4 Server Museum was created and managed by Sudrex. It accepted donations from players including player heads gotten through Slimefun's Sword of Beheading, notable artifacts, weapons, books, and structures. A full list of the museum's contents can be found on its own page, though much of it is not directly translatable to a server timeline.

It is also highly recommended for users interested in server history to browse r/okbuddycraft. Many screenshots, posts, memes, and other historical items from OKBC4 are still posted there that did not make it onto this wiki page.

List of moderators[edit | edit source]

Head Common name Minecraft username Notes
GrantVsZombies GrantVsZombies Server owner.
Seiya FUNNY100
Bushia xBushia
Nouveau Postmodern Caracal minerftxplorer05

See also[edit | edit source]

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