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This article documents the role structure of Irony Hub.

Click here to view the roles pre-nuke.

Role structure[edit | edit source]

Abusing almost any role will get you demoted from it.

Moderator roles[edit | edit source]

  • Fascist Dictator Owner of the server (Only Weezor and Cup!; have this role)
  • Admin Have all permissions. As well as having the duties of a mod, they are in charge of keeping mods in check and carrying out tasks that require administrator permissions.
  • Mod In charge of keeping chat safe and fun, mostly by removing rule-breaking content and punishing people who break rules. Not as powerful as admins, but should be the first people to talk to if you have a problem.
  • Advisor An advisor's job is to bring the voice of the community to the mod team. They have access to most mod channels, can participate in mod votes, and can advise mods about decisions based on community feedback. They are more likely to be promoted to mod in the future.

Activity roles[edit | edit source]

Roles gained by normal users of the server. The more active and trusted a user is, the more of these roles they will get. You need to be a high-enough quality user to get any of these roles. Users with higher roles will also keep their lower roles, e.g. Trollsome roles will still have Edgelord and Ironic roles.

  • Was It Worth It? (color #eb2d37) The highest role achievable by users. You must have at least 3 months of activity and pass a mod vote to get this role. Grants you access to vanity roles and the ?s command to make Dyno say whatever you want.
  • Trollsome (color #9062f8) The second highest activity role. You must have around a month of activity and pass a mod vote to get this role. Lets you post in petitions and emote voting.
  • Edgelord (color #aaff44) To get this, a mod needs to notice at least a week of decent activity from you. Grants access to #meta-talk, and view-only access to petitions and emote voting.
  • Ironic (color #3498db) Newer users. Requires a mod to notice around a day of decent activity from you. Gives you image perms and grants access to #casual.

Special roles[edit | edit source]

  • Artist 🎨 (color #5ee44e) You get this role if you are an artist or post talented original art in the #projects channel.
  • Ex-Mod Given to ex-members of the mod team.
  • Ex-Admin Given to ex-members of the admin team.
  • DJ Gives extra permissions over the Rythm music bots.
  • robbed and raped 💎 (color #f47fff) You get this by Nitro boosting the server. Grants access to vanity roles, as well as posting permissions on the #booster-brothel channel.
  • Giveaways Grants permissions to hold giveaways via GiveawayBot. You must ask a mod for this role.
  • Event Organizer Grants permissions to hold events in #events. You must ask a mod for this role.

Vanity roles[edit | edit source]

Vanity roles are roles that do not give extra permissions, but are meant to give your name a unique color. WIWI and robbed and raped roles have access to an array of vanity roles to choose from.

Punishment roles[edit | edit source]

You get these for fucking up. Contrary to other roles, this roles take away permissions as opposed to adding them. Many of these roles are appealable via the #appeals channel.

  • Muted (color #818386) Expires after a set amount of time. You will not be able to talk in most channels with this role. This role is given for more minor rule-breaks.
  • WACK ASS BOZO (color #6f3f24) Strike role. You can only see a limited number of channels, and do not have image perms . You will be banned by the end of the month if you do not appeal.
  • meta banned You get this for shitposting too much in #petitions or #emote-voting. If you have this role, you are no longer able to use these channels.
  • reaction/emoji Banned You get this for falsely using the report feature, spamming reactions, or using NSFW emotes. You will be unable to add reactions to messages or use external emotes.
  • bot banned Prevents you from using most bot commands. You get this by using bot commands to bypass filters of punishments.
  • head admin Mod/advisor blacklist; unappealable
  • 🅱️ROLLSOME (color #9062f8) Was it worth it/Trollsome blacklist; appealable
  • unverified Anti-raid measure; new users who aren't verified. I think it locks you out of channels, IDK the info channel doesn't mention this role
  • da baby Anti-raid measure; new users. IDK what this role does now or if it's even used anymore, the info channel doesn't mention it

Notification roles[edit | edit source]

You can assign any these roles to yourself.

  • Announcements You will get pinged about announcements
  • Events You will get pinged about events.
  • Roland fan (deprecated) You may get pinged randomly. (retired after a petition that we don't need two ping roles :hesrightyouknow:)
  • History Pisstory Allows you to view archived channels.
  • Freeloader You will get pinged for giveaways.
  • trollsome role You may get pinged randomly.
  • selfmute Mute yourself Take only what you need from it