Edgelord renaming contest

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Weezor polling for the rename of the Edgelord role

On June 2nd, a poll was posted by Weezor asking the Irony Hub community whether the Edgelord role should be renamed. It was then decided that the new name will be decided upon by a competition for the Irony Hub community to participate in.

After long delays, the contest finally began July 24th, more than a month after the original poll.

The contest Rules[edit | edit source]

Cupcake!;🌸 explaining the contest and rules on edgelord-renaming-contest channel.

An explanation of the contest and the rules for it were explained by cupcake!;🌸 in the following post.

@Edgelord yo yo yo whats up edgelords! now lets be real for a moment, the name "edgelord" is kinda garbage, so we're going to hold a contest for a new name! Rules are simple. you'll have about 3 days to submit a name. Then when time is up, no more submissions will be taken in, and you will vote on which one you like the best. The one with the most votes wins! now sadly, we cannot rename edgelord to something like "nigga jew balls rapist" so try not to do anything like that. okay now submit da role names

cupcake!;🌸 on edgelord-renaming-contest channel

Winning Submission[edit | edit source]

On July 27th, it was decided to rename Edgelord to Satirical.

Cupcake!;🌸 announcing the winner and the color changing contest to follow

Role reverted to Edgelord[edit | edit source]

Caskain successfuly polling for the reversion of Satirical back to Edgelord