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The Hungry Games are a type of user hosted event which happens during random occasions, hosted on the Dogelore server, the origins of the Hungry Games come from the OkBR servers, where they would host such games.

2020 Christmas Game Announcement

Rules[edit | edit source]

The Hungry Games were supposed to be a one time only event, first hosted by the staff. Due to extremely positive opinions and engagement from the users, the hungry games became a weekly event,

It is a simulation game, using the Bransteele Hunger Games Simulator, where users submit their characters to fight until there's only one left. Hungry Games also have themes which users have to follow in order to have their character to be in the hungry games. After a hungry game ends users vote for a random theme chosen by the hungry game hosters or the users.[1]

Roles[edit | edit source]

hungry gay host 😋 - Hosts of the game, who set up them, and are allowed to ping the hungry game fan role.

hungry game fan - People who can submit their character, watch the games. And of course get pinged for them.

hungary game official winer 🏆 - People who won the games. Their character was the last one standing in the simulation.

hungry game ofical die first award - Was given to people who had their character die the first in the simulation. (obsolete)

christmas game winrar 🎄 - Given to the person who won the special Christmas games

hungry killer - Given to people who's character achieved the most kills ever. Currently held by Asey Man, with 11 kills

Special Events[edit | edit source]

During the history of Dogelore there have been a few special Hungry Games hosted for special occasions, these include :

Christmas Games[edit | edit source]

A special hungry game, with a christmas theme and also also a 48 player cap, the winner was awarded with a special christmas game winrar role and the hungary game official winer role. The winner of this event was Afsky.[2] This event was repeated for Christmas 2022, the winner was Home Depot Hot Dogs.

Annual 2021 Games[edit | edit source]

The idea was made by Dico, 48 player slots with the theme being the users of dogelore. The winner would receive a special 2021 hungry game winrar role, this special hungry game was hosted by Myszak, due a lot of drama happening with the hosts, there was a 3 week break. The host took a somewhat different approach, in this hunger game there were teams of four as well as a bonus fight where the winning 4 player team from the last game would fight in a 1v1v1v1, the winner of that fight would also receive a special role.[3]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The First Hungry Game was hosted on the 18th of April 2019.[4]

Current Hungry Game Hosts[edit | edit source]

PenguinBoi (06/09/22 - Present)

Bahamoth (22/07/21 - Present)

martyr saint Nic10Mil (15/01/21 - Present)

Asey man (27/08/22 - Present)

Ali, Kirb (29/07/21 - Present)

Notsuki (11/03/22 - 09/12/22, ? - Present)

Zak (16/10/21 - Present)

Inactive Hungry Game Hosts[edit | edit source]

End date = Latest Game

F3lix (27/10/21 - 08/07/22)

dude das swanky (22/11/21 - 08/08/22)

Oz (27/10/21 - 27/10/21) - Note: Never Hosted

Bober (19/06/21 - 18/07/22)

Ex-Hosts [wip][edit | edit source]

Myszak (? - 22/11/21)

Palpaloop (06/09/22 - ?)

ExplodingDukeX (09/03/21 - ?)

The Man of the Peepy (11/03/22 - ?)

Sho (16/10/21 -




Refuse (? - 29/07/21)

Sleep Paralysis Demon

Shmoke (13/05/22 - 14/06/22)


All my loife (09/03/21 - 27/06/21)

Mineswag (09/03/21 - 23/06/21)



Comedic Cripple


Allah Moment

xp (10/03/22 -

Ivan (? - 14/06/22)

Dopp (? - 08/08/22)

References[edit | edit source]