Creation of Dogelore 2

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Many users do not know the origins of the second dogelore server, some also think that Dogelore 2 is also the first server, only some know the true story.

The First Minutes Of The Server, Quite Chaotic.

Dogelore 2's Origins[edit | edit source]

During the existence of the first dogelore discord server, made by the fans of the content in r/DogeLore in the OkBuddyRetard 1 discord server, Kirbizia announced that LunarShadows was a terrible owner of the server, this causes them to nuke the first dogelore discord,

shortly after this incident NamesAreForTheWeak creates the second DogeLore server and ownership is given to Kirbizia[1], many users were confused and a somewhat chaotic state was present after the first server's nuke, but things eventually calmed down, thus begins a new era in Dogelore's history.

Dogelore 1 Now.[edit | edit source]

The first Dogelore server is mildly remembered by a few users, most of the Dogelore 1's members stopped being active in the second server by now or left it, the time period of the first server is over and the only somewhat relevant user from this period that is still active is Nermal,

not much has been saved or remembered from the times of the first server as well.[2]

References[edit | edit source]