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r/okbuddybaka Official Server
Server info
Status Active
Invite linkhttps://discord.gg/okbb
ID1008029039254053005 (OkBB5)
Users~300 (OkBB4)
2,600+ (OkBB5)
Other linksr/okbuddybaka
Founded2021 (OkBB4)
August 13, 2022 (OkBB5)
DefunctJune 16, 2021 (unknown iteration)

r/okbuddybaka, or simply OkBuddyBaka, is an irony server related to anime and manga. It's the official server of the r/okbuddybaka subreddit.

Server History[edit | edit source]

OkBuddyBaka has had 5 main servers and many splinter servers (such as SAC, ASP, OkBuddyDemondice, etc). It had a rivalry with OkBuddyHololive for some time.

Okbuddybaka Season 0 (Prequel): The Forgotten Past (2019- 2020)

- The Beginning arc (venbut creates the server)

Okbuddybaka Season 1: A Fresh Start (2020-11- 2021-01)

- Suukis Departure Arc

- Server Pillars Focus Arc

Okbuddybaka Season 2: The tales of Mudae (2021-01- 2021-02)

- The Addiction Arc

Okbuddybaka Season 2: Part 2: The Underground (2021-03)

- Goreposting Arc

- Holotard Invasion Arc (Introduces new characters, Saiki and Onii_Chan)

Okbuddybaka Season 3: The Yow Mean / Beef and Fish Surge (2021-04- 2021-06) (the fan favorite season)

- Prequel Meets Main Story (introduces M4eu)

- The Basketball for life Arc

- The Suuki / Suuki 2 Roleplay Arc

- The Ciinerk Tempban (2 weeks of peace)

- New Wave Arc (we meet new characters, MSA, big boz, futa connoisseur, arakon, local femboy and so on)

- The Cover Arc (Huge wave of new characters, func, revella, rumham, mikelorme and return of old characters, tetrroid, ituraxi, suuki)

- The Death of Futa Connoisseur and surge of gintokis hair Arc (fan favorite)

- The Kaede Cum Tribute Arc (departure of suuki and emil)

- The Reverse Grooming Arc (writers favorite)

- The Ciinerk & Sasha Arc (short)

- Suukis Return Arc (Suuki turns evil)

- The Server Death Arc (Climax)

Okbuddybaka Season 4: The Renewed Society (2021-06- 2021-07)

- The Return of Cletus Arc

- The Second Cover Arc

- The Gilgamesh vs Eppe Arc (sub arc in the second cover arc)

- The Second Mudae Addiction Arc

- The Ozymandias of OKBB (Fan Name: The Oily Leg Incident) (Death of one of the main characters, oil)

- New Mods And Jannies Arc

- Icon Contest Arc

- Szymons Departure :trolldespair: (sad day)

Okbuddybaka Season 5: (End of OKBB) (2021-07- 2021-10)

- The OKBL Raid Arc

- Suuki is banned for good.

- the Exile of the 10 (september 4th incident)

- 9/11 (September 11th)

- the Club Penguin Incident (tightening of restrictions)

- The Exodus Arc (many users leave)

- October 2nd, the Rapture of OKBB

to be continued

- October 5th. The Deletion of OKBB 2

OKbuddybaka Season 6: The Resurrection (2021-10-Unknown)

- The Dawn of OKBB 3

- Users return to OKBB after a while away

- Vine and Galva seize moderator, consolidating their power

- Suuki Mental Breakdown Arc

- The End of OKBB3 (self-deletion)

- October 12th 2023 Theo Incident

To be Continued