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DogeCord Comics are one page sketches which were made by Yvng, and posted in the announcements channel, these DogeCord comics are beloved by members of the community.

Nowadays Yvng somewhat moved on from making these comics and instead they are now made by different members of the Dogelore community, the first DogeCord comic appeared

on the 10th of February 2021.

Updated List of All DogeCord Comics[edit | edit source]

This comic references Aipos' Pfp change to an anthropomorphic animal.

This comic references the LOVE and PASSION cris and eppe have :3

This comic references the second Warzone event.

This comic was made by Clover, not Yvng.

This comic references the date of the day being 04/20/2021, for Americans only.

This comic references Dogelore hitting 40 thousand members.

This comic references Dogelore hitting 50 thousand members.

This comic references HALLOWEEN...

This comic references.... It was sponsored by wowza.

This comic references the server dropping from about 65 thousand members to 59 thousand, thanks to it temporary closing down.

Halloween Special Dogecord Comic

This comic references quoge.