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User info
Discord tagcupcake!;🌸#0087
Discord ID450302008398708736
Irony Hub
RolesIronic Edgelord Trollsome Was It Worth It? robbed and raped 💎 Mod
IRL info
ResidenceGeorgia, US
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cupcake!;🌸 /kʌp kk/ is not only an admin but also co-owner of Irony Hub. Their username in Irony Hub is Tyingdoughnut4;, although should not not to be confused with the real Tyingdoughnut4.

They joined on july 15th of 2020, talking in bits and pieces in general, before becoming an active user in casual around the start of 2021, quickly making friends with most of the users (mwah i love you all except the ones who i dont). Usually she would say "good morning/afternoon/evening/night casual :3" whenever they joined the chat. She was awarded with trollsome on januray 15th, and Wiwi on january 31st.

Cup was promoted to advisor on 2/21 alongside Cabboge and Caskain with 7 votes. On March 4th, 2021 Cup was promoted to Mod along with Seiya, Neo, and Tennile. She was the leader of the SOUTHEAST SIDE ROLAND HATERS (best team) of the 3rd Irony Hub Gang Wars. Nowadays cup is an admin and is quite a likeable person. She hosted the second Irony Rumble, continuing Diogo’s legacy, on October 4th 2021.

Ownership[edit | edit source]

After Weezor’s resignation, Cupcake was given ownership of Irony Hub. She gave up ownership two weeks later to exc after Moe deleted general. Below is her final message as owner.

@everyone exc is owner (he doesn't know it he'll see when he wakes up lol) but I just want to say after 16 months in this server I have finally reached the point of hating it. fixing this server is impossible because I don't have the pieces to solve this puzzle. I was gonna give owner to the realest person here Deniz, but I'd be a bad friend if I were to stick him with this shithole. I'd also like to thank roomba (thank u cupcake -roomba), corncat, belle, and everyone else that was there for me throughout my time here. id like to say some fuck you's as well. fuck you to moe for being himself, fuck you to the February mod team for promoting me to advisor, fuck you to myszak, fuck anyone else that sucked. if you're not sure what category you fall into, let my messages towards you speak for themselves. I'll still be here, for emotes and out of curiosity to see if you can ever rebuild, but I will not be an active staff member. I hope people in other servers see this message and make fun of me for being the owner for a month and letting the server get nuked, because I want them to say that without ever knowing how much it fucking sucks to own this place. that's why you should admire people like pastor, who seem to genuinely care about their server out of either stupidity or loyalty, I have yet to determine which it is. if exc is a good owner, praise him, if he is a bad owner, forgive him. because at the end of the day most of you need to look in the mirror and realize what a pus filled brain damaged piece of shit you are, and for the rest of you you should look in the mirror and realize that you deserve better and should accomplish better things in life. anyways it's been fun ig, thanks. I'll either be in wt or enjoying a happy life with my gf (she has a bearded dragon soo cute!) but yeah thanks cya

also I'm deleting all the emotes I suggested and I ask that they never be added back because this server is not polite and is not flashy or funky.

-cupcake was here;

Cupcake is pretty awesome in my humble opinion.