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Staff Roles[edit | edit source]

Matron - Owner of the server.

Warden - Users with administrative permissions of the server.

Security Officer - Moderators of the server.

EX[edit | edit source]

Ex-warden - Given to ex administrators of the server, ex-admins are able to retain their vanity roles after resignation and can change them by request of a mod.

Ex-officer - Given to ex moderators of the server, Ex-mods are able to choose between two unique vanities by request of mod, or keep ex-mod role invisible. All ex-staff roles give access to #break-room

Punishment Roles[edit | edit source]

Solitary Confinement - Muted role, unable to talk or view the server until the end of their mute, users who constantly break rules will be muted indefinetly until they appeal.

Straitjacket - Reaction ban role, prevents users from using any reactions in messages. You receive this role by either spamming reactions or starring NSFW content.

Clown - Serious channel restriction role that prevents users from talking in the casual and serious channels.

Evaluation - This role is given to new users who have to verify themselves.

Activity Roles[edit | edit source]

Intensive Care - Last activity role, given for constant activity for 3 months+ and a mod vote, grants you access to vanity roles, sticker voting , create up to one tag, an opportunity to participate in the monthly rainbow vanity change and a DJ role that allows you to skip music in vc without having to vote.

Lunatic - Is the third activity role, you can receive it for being consistently active and quality enough for 1 month+ and passing a mod vote. This role allows you to suggest emotes, send images in the serious channel and a birthday role upon your birthday.

Demented - This is the second activity role, you can receive it after 2 weeks of consistent activity and a mod discussion. This role grants you access to the #litterbox channel, the domain of the Howie bot, access to streaming, ability to use #suggestions, access to #server-talk and the #psych-ward channel.

Low Risk - First activity role, given for being active for a day and noticed by a moderator. Grants image permissions and voting permissions in #emote-voting.

Patient - Base role, no permissions.

Other / Misc[edit | edit source]

Partners - given to representatives of partnered servers.

Poobsters - The server's booster role. This gives immediate access to image perms in most channels, #vanity-roles, courtyard, ability to view/suggest in #emote-voting and #sticker-voting, and can vote on the monthly rainbow vanity change in #community-voting.

Artist - Given to artists, this role grants immediate image perms in art-and-photography.

Contest Winner - This is a hoisted role given to winner’s of certain events, perks vary depending on said events, they are typically allowed access to break-room and a personal vanity for 2 weeks.

Contest Runner-Up - an unhoisted role given to the second place of events, similar perks as winner except it typically only lasts a week.

Private Discussion - This role is given to a user whenever mods need to have a private discussion with them for a variety of reasons such as their behavior, quality as a user, discuss something private, or if they send concerning messages.

Deleted[edit | edit source]