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Bot info
Discord taghowie#5093
Discord ID535499942970785793
Source codeNone
Bot invite linkInvite only

Howie is a discord chat-bot predominantly active within Irony Servers, the biggest irony server which has howie as a functioning bot is Peternity.

History[edit | edit source]

Howie would be created by Judy, (Known as Uthred at the time) on the 17th of January 2019, together with Whiskers he would create a bot duo present in many irony servers until Whiskers' eventual shutdown, Howie was another side project of Judy, who wanted to make a markov-chain like chatbot with whom users could talk using a weighted digraph (A graph that is made up of a set of vertices connected by directed edges, often called arcs.) Judy would adapt a "pathing algorithm" along a message network to make the whole bot work. Howie is an invite-only bot, if someone would want to invite Howie into their server, they would have to ask Judy, it's owner. Howie would also be made a "Patreon Exclusive" reward for supporting Whiskers's hosting, being called "Whiskers' little brother"

How to Use[edit | edit source]

Howie is a chat bot, in order to start talking with Howie you have to first respond to one of his messages. Before an unknown update on Discord's side you'd have to ping Howie instead for him to respond. This results in Howie not working in servers where he's newly invited, as he does not send any message upon joining. Howie has a few rules that you have to follow that are somewhat hidden. He also ignores all messages with "Howie" inside them as to not respond to users calling them Howie, he also only works in channels named #litterbox. Howie also sometimes "goes to sleep" and appears offline, that is also why he might not respond to messages.

Rules[edit | edit source]

Don't derail[edit | edit source]

Don't derail the conversation by spamming the same phrase multiple times, huge blocks of texts, or responding with random things that can't follow the convo. (e.g., randomized strings of characters)

Don't say his name[edit | edit source]

Due to how he is coded, he will respond with what he has been told. This means if he is repeatedly called "cat" he will begin calling everyone cat. Don't do this, the word "howie" is already blacklisted from being inputted for this reason.

Continue the convo[edit | edit source]

Howie has no memory, so always respond to him as if that's his conversation starter. If Howie derails the convo, consider it a new convo and start from there. Rarely you can make Howie's messages cohesive with each other, but with years of evolution, it's getting better.

As of the latest howie update, he only responds if you reply to his messages. All the previous rules still stand to get him to respond properly.

In some servers, Howie also has a channel dedicated to "Howie Moments", screenshots in which Howie seriously messed up, acted weird, or acted in a racist way.

Howie Moments[edit | edit source]

Example of how Howie "Normally" Functions[edit | edit source]

True Love.