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Thumper /θʌmpər/, or better known as Dogés (/ˈd.ʒ/ or /ˈd.ʒʌz/) is an active user and moderator of Irony Hub, and a former Whenthe admin. He was also Admin for an astounding 5 minutes, as part of a joke.

User info
Discord tagThumper#6970
Discord ID300040010155950091
Irony Hub
RolesIronic Edgelord Trollsome Was It Worth It? Artist 🎨 Event Organizer, Ex-Mod & Ex-Admin, Fascist Dictator
IRL info
ResidenceUnited States
GamingThumper? I hardly know 'er!

Before Mod[edit | edit source]

Beginning his journey on March 11th, 2019 by joining OKBR2, Thumper became a high ranking Whenthe user and eventually Admin, and later resigning after getting tired of Whenthe. Thumper joined Irony Hub on June 1st, 2020, despite initially believing Irony Hub would be a failed server due to seeing Dkaih35 as owner. Thumper was not active in the server until around October/November 2020, when Moe Lester gave him advisor following a proposal as he was an admin on Whenthe in order to help with Irony Hub server and mod team issues at the time. However, this was mainly to just have him in Irony Hub Modchat and Mod VC. This move did not come without confusion by the userbase, as many were confused why this, at the time, nobody received Advisor but not them. This confusion lasted for a few months until around the time Thumper received Mod "temporarily." Out of the times Thumper did actually advise, he would usually use his knowledge and methods of Whenthe to apply into the current issue the mod team, or server, to solve said problems, often with criticism by the other mods. On January 25th, 2021, Thumper received "temporary" Mod following the January 2021 mod exodus.

Demotion and ban (and uban, and then ban and NUL again, and unNUL again)[edit | edit source]

Thumper on June 28th 2021 was promoted from moderator to admin, but was later was demoted and banned from Irony Hub on July 6th for doxxing another user by posting an image of their face. His ban from the server coincided with the rest of the departures occurring during the July staff shortage. He was eventually unbanned after a successful appeal process.

Thumper was been banned and nulled along with two other users (Jesus and some random person) on Aug 28th after posting a quite suggestive (but ultimately not pornographic) furry comic written by Markiplier's weird older brother, Jason Fischbach. 78 pages into the comic, and after many lewd scenes, it is revealed that a character is 11 in "human years" but is an "adult in animal years."

(Thumper will probably be un-nulled by the end of the week, I bet)

On September 15, Thumper, Jesus and that one other user who were NULed had their NUL removed, it is unclear if Thumper is to return (which is understandable seeing how the server has fucked him over so badly).

Exc Situation[edit | edit source]

On November 17th, 2021, Exc resigned out of nowhere, with the reason that he was given owner our of nowhere.

I was given owner out of nowhere, not expecting to have it, I tried too hard and now I'm stuck in a dedication I didn't thoroughly think through enough, I'm sorry, and thank you for the time I had here but as a college student and a 16 year old with dreams I want to move on as I planned to weeks before as admin. I did say I want to make the server last before I leave but I can't do that. It's impossible for me. That's why I'm giving ownership to @þumpe , a long user who I know has the time and will to do what's right for the server

Ownership was then transferred to Thumper, who is now owner.