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User info
Discord tagvivian#3060
Discord ID441753952216809482
Irony Hub
IRL info
Gamingunderage girl gaming

ok pretend I sent you piss


vivian is a user who was best known for being a girl. She was also known for drawing porn.

She was banned on July 19, 2020, after it was revealed that she is 12 years old, which is under the minimum age allowed by Discord's TOS.

After the nuke, she briefly returned on August 21 since the bans were purged , before Caskain banned her again a few minutes later .

Vivian turned 13 on October 15, 2020. However, mods have refused to unban her. In fact, a few days prior, mods de facto banned talking about Vivian too much; Nizoani got banned because of this.

she was unbanned on the 01/10/2021. (4 months too late stupid faggot weezor was too scared to unban her because "WAAA CREEPY PEOPLE :((((" nigga stfu youre a mod do your dirty word)