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Cherry Plague Redux-6.png.png
Plague's stupid pfp
User info
Discord tagThyPlagueDoc#2930
Reddit nameThy_Plague_Doctor
Irony Hub
RolesTrollsome, Artist
IRL info
Gamingyo mama gaming
SteamBrody Foxx
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I want to marry Jaiden Animations


About[edit | edit source]

ZoeyPlague, formerly known as ThyPlagueDoc, also known as "Plague", and "brody fucks" joined on July 28, 2020. They are MTF transgender (in other words, mentally ill). They went under the username "Brody Foxx!" (nicknamed brody fucks) from the time they joined until August 22nd, when they switched to ThyPlagueDoc, and later switched to ZoeyPlague.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Plague is an aspiring artist and musician, but we all know those dreams aren't going anywhere

Plague joined discord on Independence Day of 2017, God Bless America.

Plague is currently banned from the Learn To Fly wiki for vandalism