Summer in Chernobyl

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User info
Discord tagSummer in Chernobyl#0001
Discord ID307898375242514472
Reddit nameu/Gqa_
Irony Hub
IRL info
ResidenceMinnesota, United States
Gamingdoge gaming
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Summer in Chernobyl (or sic for short) is an active Irony Hub user.

He is no longer a MtF transgender.

Sic left Irony Hub on August 26, 2020 , but Vietnam convinced him to join back approximately 24 hours later

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Sic is very good at video gaming, he even is a pro fortnite player

Sic does a lot of things in his freetime, including gaming, skating, swimming, and reading

If you ever want to gaming with sic dm him and ask if he has a game and you can gaming with him