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User info
Discord tagspritelord#9999
Discord ID533826054540886026
Irony Hub
IRL info
ResidenceUnited States

Sprite, often known by her former name jenna (trans ), was an active irony hub user. She really didn't have many outstanding traits (i didn't know the nigga lol) besides the recent controversy surrounding her

Gore Spam (January 26th Incident)[edit | edit source]

She was banned on January 25, 2021, for raiding Dogelore with gore.

The next day, Sprite joined on an alt account, was active long enough to get image perms from a moderator, and proceeded to spam gore, nsfw, and a funny spongebob music video mp4. These were horiffic videos including a man getting beheaded, a dog getting beaten to death with the caption "dead dog gaming" and a video of a black guy eating out a morbidly obese woman. Many people were very upset about this, and some notable examples include Roomba and Narancia. sprite alt was banned so :/