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User info
Discord tagSaucy#6942
Discord ID244964867843424276
Reddit nameu/SaucyLegs69420
Irony Hub
IRL info
ResidenceWashington, United States
GamingTrollface gaming
External linksTwitter

Saucy is ok I guess idk what to write about myself

He set up this stupid wiki

Saucy is a popular WIWI (Was It Worth It?) user who is very funny and helps the server grow with bots and things.

Saucy is very based he hosts some stuff like the Minecraft Server and the irony hub emote archive website thank you saucy very cool !!!

Departure[edit | edit source]

Saucy left Irony Hub on February 26, 2021.

I left IH because:

1. The server isn't that fun anymore

2. The server has been negatively affecting my mental health

3. I've been really fed up with the mod team. They're just there so they can feel superior. They're not there for the good of the userbase; they readily admit that they don't care about the community.

After he left, he leaked mod chat, earning him a ban. SAD!

He was planning to return at some point if things got better, but he can't since he is banned now. He now mainly uses Funny Jungle.

He got NULed on March 3 because Caskain got super salty and passed a mod vote for it. However, this decision was repealed a day later.