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Salvia Path
User info
Discord tagsalvia path#4118, spinningkitty#0510
Discord ID752011004166013061
Reddit nameXX
Irony Hub
RolesIronic Edgelord Trollsome Was It Worth It?
IRL info
Steam[XX XX (current username might change later)]
External links[XX my twitch] and [XX my youtube]

hello this is salvia path, also known as salvia path#4118 on discord. previous usernames [XX] and salvia palth

Description of me: I am salvia path and I joined irony hub on the 6th of September, I have made many friends ([XX], [XX], [XX],[XX] ([XX]), [XX], kupo, etc) and many enemies (will not name). I live in [XX] and I like [XX], I usually [XX]. My birthday is on [XX] and my real name is [XX], I will not disclose further information. I constantly change my profile picture as I cant decide on one, my longest profile picture have been a photo of my cat and Ruben from Zoophobia, if I find a permanent profile picture which will be very unlikely, I'll post it here as an image. I will update this page if anything happens in the future.

Dance dance revolution 2006.gif

Put what you think of me under this line please do not be mean

salvia i really do not know what to think of you. youre very confusing and idk how to interpret half of what youre saying. i dont hate you though -roomba

« acid eat through my teeth ultraviolets infrareds break into a thousand pieces i feel like ravenhead innocence and evil superglued together swallowing my feelings tastes like sweetness »

late update 25-08-2021

triple demoted for being mean and reacting with soy a bunch of times lol


rlly late update (2 months) idk im sorry 13-10-2021

banned lol sorry

thank you kupo

i feel like i should put more stuff here but i dont know im tired