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User info
Discord tagRoomba#1632
Discord ID260249379141713920
Reddit nameu/DictatorD3
Irony Hub
RolesWIWI, artist, contest winner, IRA enforcer, t🅱️umper
External linksTwitter

Roomba#1632 is an old user on the server who had WIWI, Artist, Contest Winner, and other roles. After Irony Hub’s deletion, Roomba became the owner of the new Refuge. He remained owner until its ultimate deletion and wrote the message announcing IH’s unfortunate death.

Although not very notable, he was a somewhat prominent member on OKBR3 and has been on the server since its founding day. His former name from OKBR3 and some of Irony Hub was " owner". He was quite active on the Irony Hub Minecraft Server in its hayday, under the name "Goopton". He frequently plays TF2 and Stardew Valley. As a lesser known fact, he is also capable of creating art. If you read this far into this wiki page, ping him with the message "pineapple".

Below is Roomba’s final message to Irony Hub, said after the deletion of IH Refuge:

@everyone Hello. It is me, your glorious ruler, Roomba. About 50 minutes ago, Irony Hub Refuge was nuked to oblivion by Discord, as was my account. I would consider this to be the official end of Irony Hub, as any other servers would follow the same fate as the previous 2. Feel free to make your own spinoff servers, but I would not consider any of them to officially be IH.

I remember when I joined OKBR3 in January 2020. After its nuke, I migrated to Irony Hub with everyone else. Both of these servers were quite fun to be in, at least for me. But, after 1.5 years, I think it is time that the bloated corpse of the server be laid to rest.

What now, you may be wondering. Well, you could go to another irony server, or perhaps make your own. You could also use this new time to get a girlfriend (or boyfriend). I do not know. Make your own choice.

This server will remain until its inevitable nuke by Discord, as its owner’s account is disabled.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Farewell. :youngfellow:

His account was deleted from Discord on 12/27/21, and later confirmed on 1/5/21 an unfortunate end for the dictator.