Rhaydix Prime

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Rhaydix Prime
Despacito Prime.png
The classic Despacito Prime pfp
User info
Discord tagRhaydix Prime#0329
Discord ID351632667487502336
Reddit nameu/DespacitoPrime
Irony Hub
IRL info
ResidenceUnited States
SteamRhaydix Prime
External linksTwitch, Twitter

Rhaydix Prime (formerly Despacito_Prime; Not LTC) was a moderator on the Irony Hub discord. She has been around the OKBR circle of irony servers since around January of 2020. While her origins are unknown, we do know this for certain. She has absolutely no correlation with the date 22/04/1289 A.D.

On November 7, 2020, she changed her name from Despacito_Prime to Rhaydix Prime. She is forever known as Despacito_Prime in our hearts though.

As of April 23, 2022, Rhaydix is MtF trans now, and has started estrogen pills. She is much happier. 😊 (Edit made by Rhaydix, not a troll.)

Demotion[edit | edit source]

Rhaydix was subject to an extremely controversial, biased, and corrupt demotion on December 23, 2020. The only public explanation for her demotion was "an admin vote", no other elaboration was initially provided.

So true!

We only know the admins' reasoning behind the demotion from a leaked screenshot:

demote Rhaydix Prime from mod/advisor indefinitely for making little to no contributions to the server, using the server as an advertising platform, general low quality in chat, barely actually punishing, banning whitenames for minor things, and trying to start a forced circlejerk around her multiple times, leading to incredibly low chat quality

— Admin vote, initiator unknown (presumed to be Soapkiller)

However, there were multiple issues with this:

  1. All the things that were listed were either untrue, greatly exaggerated, or things that Rhaydix had not done for months.
  2. She was not given a single warning before his demotion.
  3. Only admins could vote on it. There were only 3 active admins at the time. And the vote was not unanimous, which should have been the standard for this type of vote; CommieDog had downvoted it, but the vote succeeded anyway. Ridiculous.

The consensus among the community is that Soapkiller had a hate boner for Rhaydix, and somehow convinced Weezor that she should be demoted.

This event added fuel to the fire to conflicts with the mod team.