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Information[edit | edit source]

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Discord tagNizoani#8697
Discord ID327996013736361986
Reddit namei am not giving you my reddit
Irony Hub
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Nizoani joined the server on May 25th. Post-5/31, Nizoani spent most of his time on Debras OKBR shelter. He remained mostly inactive in Irony Hub until early to mid July.

In OKBR3, Nizoani was ok role, and a popular user. He joined on March 10th after being banned from Dogelore on March 6th for a zoophilia joke. He was in Dogelore from early January. Nizoani said he would appeal after a month of being banned from Dogelore. However, he abandoned Dogelore altogether, only coming back on June 5th after receiving a message from Cynk on Reddit.

Hi irony hub i have an alt trolololo you will never find me :troll:

Nizoani is awesome

Ban info[edit | edit source]

Nizoani was banned on October 15, 2020 after a mod vote for having a bizarre interest in the 12 to 13 year old user "vivian" while he was 15 (possibly 14 early on). This behavior continued after her age became known. This lead to Nizoani being placed on the Never Unban List.

Both Nizoani and Vivian are adamant that this behavior was not genuine and was only comedic (which is really obvious, but often did go to far), and Vivian has stated that she was fine with this behavior, and often encouraged it before her age was known.