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A Panasonic 1.2 microwave
User info
Discord tagmicrowave#6743
Discord ID520056132325081113
Irony Hub
RolesIronic Edgelord Trollsome Was It Worth It?

Microwave /ˈmkɹˌwv/, or simply known as q on the server, is an active user of Irony Hub. Known for posting a long copypasta about Xero (which was pinned and made into a Dyno tag (see ?tag cope)) and being muted a lot for spamming, this user joined on September 16th at 9:06 PM CST, and has been active ever since with like 41k messages.

List of contributions to Irony Hub and/or Wiki[edit | edit source]

There was a contest that was held by Tyingdoughnut4; to rename and recolor Edgelord because the name was deemed unreasonable. Two users won the contest: A user named 'I Think Crocs Are Cool' for the name Satirical and a user named 'microwave' for the hex color for the role (which was #aaff44), which was later renamed Edgelord again.

There was also an Irony Hub Wikipedia page created by the user Microwave to showcase the amount of cp cases in August of 2021, which was 26.