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Definition of "caskain" as a verb.[edit | edit source]

For full definition, see "Caskain" as a verb

Caskain (or cas for short) is an admin in irony hub. He once wrote a very long paragraph explaining how he would never return and left the server only to come back 5 minutes later. This incident has no official name, but similar incidents (wherein the participant says they will leave for a really fucking long time only to come back like 4 days later lo) are dubbed "caskains".

Pre-caskain caskains[edit | edit source]


CsBongos pulled a caskain where he left the server and resigned from mod like 20 days after the server came out but he came back a day later.

dkaih35[edit | edit source]

Dkaih35's caskain is not considered a caskain by many but according to the definition of the term, it is. He said he would leave for a really fucking long time and then came back like 2 days later after everyone begged him to come back. After this, he promptly left the server once again, this time without a super long essay.

Wavey Davey[edit | edit source]

Wavey Davey's caskain is one of the more widely known ones, as he was the first to "truly" pull a caskain. He explicitly stated in his really fucking long essay that he would never come back only to come back like a week later. This is the first of 2 Wavey Davey caskains.

Caskain and post caskain caskains[edit | edit source]

Caskain[edit | edit source]

Caskain's caskain is the most prominent caskain in the entire server, as it did coin the term. He wrote a super fucking long essay that I can't bother to find explaining how he would never come back and returned 2 days later. Good for him.

Cris[edit | edit source]

After some fucking event (I think it was the 123 mininuke), cris left the server explicitly saying "im not coming back" only to come back literally 5 minutes later.

QortyVTC[edit | edit source]

QortyVTC is the current world record holder for shortest caskain ever (8.27 seconds). He is the only user actively known to go for the world record in caskains.

caskain again!!!!![edit | edit source]

yeah he did it again lol.