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User info
Discord tagDuckiscool69#6905
Discord ID870189219723755550
Irony Hub
RolesIronic Edgelord Artist 🎨
IRL info

Duckiscool69 was a well known spammer within the IronyHub community. Known for their infamous "oomfie" spam, and generally being a low qaulity user. They were banned on July 28th. 2021 for owning a Twitter gimmick account. The user is generally looked down upon. He is now banned for a good reason.

Spam[edit | edit source]

Duck is cool was known for the Oomfie spam incident. Where they spammed various Tenor gifs of Genshin Impact character Klee with various captions related to the phrase "Oomfie". Fuzzzy joined in on the spam, although his was much more minor. Fuzzzy will still ironically post oomfie gifs on occasion.