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User info
Discord tagcabboge#5478
Discord ID499627853135216641
Reddit nameu/TheCabbageRaccoon
Irony Hub
Rolestrollsome, trolling, Ironic, fnaf lore keeper, artist, roland fan
IRL info
Ageas old as your mom B)
Residencesouth africa

cabboge was a mod and an active user of ironybub. She joined the irony community okbr3 era(2-4th april(lol i forgot)). Joining ironybub the day of its creation, she was noted for having a large cock, saying the hard r a bunch like every other user at the time, and being female. She got mod on the 8th of june, but quickly left because bullets be like: lolol random fag cabboge

She joined again idk when and was an active user for a while before ceasing activity because holy shit the stupid ass weezor-LTC drama can suck my cock that was shit. fuck both ltc and weezor that situation was ass. She occasionally joins back for about 2 minutes to say an unfunny one liner to someone.

it started around 10pm. i was having a small breakdown and sending things like "😃 vending machine in the hotel hallway" and then 30 minutes later or so i started spamming stuff like "MY LIFE IS A CONSTANT CHANGE OF PACE IN MY GIANT BREAKDOWN 😻" and "PLEASE SEND A SEIZURE GIF TO KILL ME I HAVE SEVERE EPILEPSY 🐢". around 11:30 i got contained so i could chill out i guess. i got off discord and put 4 knifes on my table and started poking myself. when i got the first knife through i wrote my suicide note and taped it to my door because my room mate was at work. i threw the room door keys into the bathroom and started stabbing myself more. i was going to try hang myself again but that'd take too long. around 12pm i've stabbed myself around 15 times. i was in so much pain and texted my roomie again and said goodbye. he came home from work at 1am and i was lying on the floor. i was pale and was screeching out to her to kick down the door, and she did. i was drunk after drinking a litre of whiskey and could not get up. so she had to kinda drag me out to the car, i was lying down in the back and we got to the hospital. i got a sandwich in the cafe and got a 30 minute therapy session. since i didnt sleep in 4 days i had to get to sleep right after it at 2:30.

Brian thoughts: bruh is this real :nawwyaintfr:

secretironywikieditor comment: she is now advisor and cool!