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Will be updated soon, this is a temporary crosspost from a discord server.

2017 - 2019 "OG Era", 18 Servers Era.[edit | edit source]

The Beginning Era: 1st Server/2nd Server, very inexperienced, mods get picked after leveling roles. Server Peaks were around 700

The Developing Era: After realizing community posts are cool, server activity increased. Also introduced NSA. 3rd and 4th Servers were in this era. Server Peaks were at 1k-1.2k

Pre-Sack Era: Beginning of false hacking. First ever Server Deletion. Introduced Oop and the rise of NSA. The 5th Server was in this era. Server Peak was at 1.3k.

The Great Sacking of MemeCord: Hexro threatened me for some reason (epic plot twist he’s actually nsa) and the current discord server (The 6th Server) at the time was deleted. Immediately after the sack started The Great Pause. Server Peak was at 1.5k

The Great Pause: As I was in a low cell area for a week, owning a server was impossible so many members made spinoffs. Introduction of Lynch Limbo (NSA) and MemeHub (Cuber). After the week started a new MemeCord which Hexro forced me to give

ownership to NSA (I wonder what happened next. The 7th Server was in this era and was the shortest MemeCord lasting 30 minutes. Server Peak was at 300.

The Dark Era: Every week for 5 weeks, NSA would false threaten the server forcing ownership. (This would spark the meme of NSA doing absolutely nothing and getting ownership.) Introduced Servers 8-12. Server Peak was at 1.8k.

Post Dark Age Era: For most of September, it was perfectly normal. Snipy and NSA then destroyed a server. Server #13 would be sacked after interrupting a game of Fortnite. Introduced Server 13. Server Peak was at 2k.

Pre Screensaver Era: From Late September to Early December, the server was normal as school for most people stopped the usual banicide. Security increased as well as DMs for me being private. Economy Bot was in place and the Economist role was heavily exploited. Introduced Server 14. Screensaver Era: Influx of Members never seen before. Hundreds of Members joined every day. This would end after the Scripticide. Deleted User — 12/11/2019 19:18 The Great Scripticide: Ditto (a mod) would sacrifice his reputation, account and ever existing on MemeCord by allowing NSA to put a script in his account banning everyone. This ended Server 15. Server Peak was at 9k.

The Panic: After the Scripticide, MemeCord 16 would start up but then it would go out of control. This would begin the start of Modern MemeCord and reduced privileges for mods. Introduced Server 17. Server Peak was at 600.

The Secure Era: Server 17 was introduced, which introduced less permissions for mods, the deletion of economy replacing Limiteds. No banicides would happen then. OG Memer would be a symbol of Server dominance still to this day. Introduced Server 17.

The Era before shit went down: Literally the 3 days before The Snap. Wolfy was dramatic about permissions, lol.

The Snap: Wolfy betrayed everyone and banned a ton of people before our glorious admin @Tetra#0001 banned him. Whether after this would be called 17 or 18 is still a hot topic but I still think this server is still 17. Post Snap Era: The week following The Snap would be a reconstruction never before seen as a whole new Limited besides OG would replace them. New mods were put into place and the server would be normal I guess.

Pre Hype Era: The Summer of ‘19 would be a normal less sporadic summer compared to the hot mess which was 2018. Many notable moments were Wolfy’s confession of the Snap and the 1st Hiring (trial mods).

The Hype Era: The current era of MemeCord. Starting with the first ever community post of creeper aww man, new members would rush in to have a good time. Server growth would surpass the Screensaver Era. Many notable events were the 2nd Hiring (Ongoing), Discord Sings and the Pinkie Incident.

Post Hype Era: Ending the creeper aww man events, many substantial and controversial changes would be implemented, such as replacing Gaius Bot with Dyno and leaving image permissions with only Loyal Memers. This era would end with a bang, as Tetra would be forced to leave after abusing admin permissions.

Pre-Comeback Era: After the Tetra Incident, there was relatively less drama on the server for a while. A new annoyance would come to the server in the form of a user named cumjar who would evade bans via alts. During this time Nimrod was complaining about being annoyed on the server and led what was known to be “The Comeback.”

The Comeback: What started as an initial panic on the server causing some mods to leave resulted in Nimrod going into DMs threatening MemeCord by asking for admin or she will use a ban script. In a surprising change, nimrod went into the server to publicly continue the DM, and was humiliated when everyone on the server got to see her ban script only a loose threat. While this event is overshadowed by other ones, it’s very likely that it could have been much worse without preparation.

2020, Post Nimrod Era[edit | edit source]

Post Nimrod Era: After The Comeback, MemeCord became relatively stable and thus made a peaceful Post-Nimrod era possible. Sax came back from an almost half-year leave and got readmitted into the mod program. The era introduced Limited Sales in a small scale. Many new limiteds were added in this era.

Y1 Era: The start of 2020. The Y1 Memer limited was introduced to continue the tradition of Anniversary roles such as OG Memer. The server got swarmed by people early in January but besides that it was pretty normal.