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THE IWF IS BACK. Currently run by cupcake!;, the critically acclaimed series had its first official event on September 25th, 2021. As before, edgelord+ are eligible to compete in irony wrestling, and irony hub legends old and new will battle it out in an attempt to gain the most prestigious title in irony today, the IWF Heavyweight Championship. The old Irony hub wrestling information will be kept below or possibly moved to a different page. All videos of the current iwf can be found on the official IRONY WRESTLING FEDERATION yt page

EVENTS[edit | edit source]

9/22 Stream Test Match[edit | edit source]

Roomba defeated R via pinfall - 2.5 stars

Seiya defeated Candy via pinfall - 3 stars

R defeated Cupcake via pinfall - 4 stars

9/25 Mini Irony Rumble[edit | edit source]

IronicDogeposting called out R

Tying defeated Guagh via pinfall - 3 stars

Homer Uchiha defeated qorty via pinfall - 3.5 stars

Cmonster won the Mini Irony Rumble, earning a spot in the Irony Rumble II - 4.5 Stars

10/3 Irony Rumble II[edit | edit source]

Ironicdogeposting def R via pinfall - 3 stars

Sexhaver4200 def Tavvo via pinfall - 3,5 stars

Candy and Crocs def Your Bucket and ChipsDotMp4 via pinfall in a tag team match - 4.5 stars

Exc went out in a scheduled match against Roomba, but was attacked by Josemon from behind with a steel chair

Kdog Won the Irony rumble, last eliminating R to become the first IWF champion **NEW CHAMPION** - 5 stars

10/10 IWF Battleground #1[edit | edit source]

Candy cut a promo after a recent injury suffered from the tag team match

Sexhaver4200 def Homer Uchiha via pinfall, then attacked him after the match - 3. stars

Kdog def Guagh via submission, Guagh seemed to doubt himself after the match. - 3.5 stars

Josemon def. Exc via pinfall, after the match Exc offered Josemon a handshake, but suddenly kicked Josemon in the balls - 4 stars

ROSTER[edit | edit source]


USERS[edit | edit source]

1. cupcake

2. exc

3. seiya

4. candy

5. tying

6. yosheej

7. ironic dogeposting

8. crocs

9. chipsdotmp4

10. ultimocha

11. Tavvo

12. your bucket

13. woshingo

14. 88ball

15. kupo

16. kdog

17. sexhaver

18. homer uchiha

19. roomba

20. ciinerk

21. lul

22. josemon

23. qorty

24. afsky

25. milan

26. guyguy

27. chromyl chloride

28. r

29. cereal guy

30. cmonster

CHARACTERS[edit | edit source]

1. steelers fan

2. shang chi

3. barack obama

4. chained kong

5. swolposter

6. bladee

7. linus from shark boy

8. cmonster cat

9. doge

10. slim shady

W/L RECORD[edit | edit source]

USERS[edit | edit source]

Kdog - 2-0

Sexhaver4200- 2-0

Josemon 1-0

Crocs: 0-1

Roomba: 1-0

Seiya: 1-0

Tying: 1-0

Cmonster: 1-0

Homer Uchiha: 1-1

Candy - 1-1

R: 1-2

Cupcake: 0-1

Tavvo: 0-1

Exc: 0-1

Your Bucket: 0-1

ChipsDotMp4: 0-1

Qorty: 0-1

Guagh: 0-2

CHARACTERS[edit | edit source]

CHAMPIONS[edit | edit source]

KDog: Champion for 12+ Days[edit | edit source]


Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great sorrow that I, secretironywikieditor, must announce to you something. We have reached a milestone in the Irony Wrestling Federation, for Diogo is gone. All IWF operations have been suspended indefinitely due to lack of management. Perhaps this shall be revived under new ownership and the legacy of this great company shall live on. To pay tribute to all the great talent under the IWF, here are some awards

Best Champion: cupcake!; (only champion :troll:)

Superstar of the year: Deniz Nakamura

Best Debut: Bartweird

Match of the Year: Irony Rumble

Shit Match of the year: Luq vs Saul Goodman

Feud of the year: Caskain and Card

Best Commentator: that one guy who was basically the main commentator of the irony hub rumbel i dont feel like checking but good job :okbuddy:

Performance of the year: Deniz's performance against Bangshakalaka

Best (or worst idk) Heel of the year: Bangshakalaka

Funniest Moment: luq entering the rumble and then immediately getting eliminated lol ttrash af

Loser of the Year: amogus

Irony Hub Wrestling or Irony Wrestling Federation was an event created by diogo, and the flagship event (Irony Hub Rumble) will take place on February 21st, 2021. This will possibly be an ongoing event if everything goes well. 30 people (Edgelord+) were eligible for the first Irony Hub Rumble, and more may be added in the future. I have nothing else to do so i'll keep track of everything lol. Last updated 02:45, 9 September 2022 (UTC) krill

OLD Events[edit | edit source]

2/16 Stream Test Match[edit | edit source]

Bangshakalaka def. amogus via pinfall (Iron Man Match) 2 stars

Bangshakalaka def. Roman Reigns via escape (Steel Cage Match) (does not count to record) -1 star

Bangshakalaka def. card. (I don't know the details, but this was confirmed by diogo) ???

2/18 Thursday Night Brawl[edit | edit source]

Roomba def. amogus via pinfall. 3 stars

Caskain def. Ekebis via dq (card run-in) 2 stars

Main Event: Bangshakalaka def. Deniz Nakamura via submission (booooooo bang) 3.5 stars

IMPROMPTU MATCH: Deniz & Ekebis def. Bangshakalaka & card (Extreme Rules Tag Team Match) 4.5 Stars

Bangshakalaka was later proved to be on steroids BUT he did not get disqualified and banned forever because the game is rigged. #BANBANG #JUSTICEFORDENIZ

commentators: traz and pop man

2/21 Irony Hub Rumble[edit | edit source]

Cornelius def. KNRAN via submission. 2 stars

Card def. Caskain via pinfall. 3.5 stars

Cupcake wins the 30 man Royal Rumble last defeating Weezor. [NEW IWF CHAMPION] 5 stars

Bangshakalaka def lul via submission. 2.5 stars

ROYAL RUMBLE HIGHLIGHTS: doge entering 1st, enzo clearing out the ring, luq getting eliminated immediately after entering, obama entering, begging, then getting eliminated, Cup entering at No. 30 and winning the rumble

3/17 RANDOM IWF EVENT N°1[edit | edit source]

deniz nakamura calls out cupcake, wants a title match

cupcake def. salvia path via pinfall. NOTE: not rated due to technical errors with the stream, but from what i saw it was around a 3 star match

Michiru def. doge via pinfall. Doge now unfunniest meme. 2.5 stars

Leah def. bangshakalaka. 3.5 stars

commentators: diogo and qorty

3/29 RANDOM IWF EVENT N°2[edit | edit source]

Saul Goodman def. luq via pinfall. Extreme Rules match 1 star (holy fuck this was long)

Caskain def. card via pinfall. 2.5 stars

Bartweird def R. Falls Count Anywhere. 3.5 stars

Kaj def Lul and Deniz. Winner gets title shot. 4 stars

Cup calls out bangshakalaka for being dumb and gay and stupid

salvia path def KNRAN, Bangshakalaka, and some other guy i dont remember i hope theres a recording :troll: in an exhibition match. 3 stars (does not count to w/l)

Commentators: Diogo and Truck H. Rust

OLD Roster[edit | edit source]

Note: Face = Good Guy, Heel = Bad Guy (pretty swag wrestling terms right??) (unknown's have not wrestled yet)

Active Roster[edit | edit source]

GuyGuy - heel

roomba - face

waterloupe - face

cereal - heel

lul - face

amogus - face but he is a loser :c

milan - heel

enzo - heel

caskain - heel but is rivals with card ig? hard to tell since he was fighting ekebis (a good guy) but kept getting jumped by card (a bad guy)

HIDEO KOJIMA - super face

arctic - face

bangshakalaka - heel fag dumbass from hell

ekebis - face

cup - super face [CHAMPION]

luke - face

popman - heel

newsrat - heel

spungbob - heel

killthekaiser - face

krill - unknown but likely face because we all love krill :wholesome:

luq - heel, because

salvia path - face

leah - heel

kaj - face

soapkiller - face

weezor - heel

diogo - face

deniz - face

bruj - face

r - heel

jafi - face

doge - heel

the rock '01 - heel (the imposter)

battaro - heel

michiru - heel

big chungus - face

Hall Of Famers (Popular users that are no longer with us)[edit | edit source]


cornelius - heel

KNRAN - face

OLD Win/Loss Records[edit | edit source]

Active Roster W/L[edit | edit source]

Bangshakalaka: 4-2

Cupcake: 2-0

Kaj: 1-0

Saul Goodman: 1-0

Leah 1-0

Bartweird: 1-0

Michiru: 1-0

Roomba: 1-0

Caskain: 2-1

Deniz Nakamura: 1-2

Ekebis: 1-1

card: 1-3

luq: 0-1

R: 0-1

doge: 0-1

salvia path: 0-1

lul: 0-2

amogus: 0-2

Hall of Fame W/L[edit | edit source]

cornelius: 1-0

KNRAN: 0-1

OLD Championship Reigns[edit | edit source]

+ means the reigns are ongoing

1st Champion: Cupcake: 36+ Days[edit | edit source]

Won in the Irony Rumble. No Title Defenses Yet.

Videos[edit | edit source]

2/21 Irony Hub Rumble[edit | edit source]

Recorded by Saucy. View it on YouTube, timestamps in the description.